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Most games contain weapons and now that we have better graphics and more storage space we now have more weapons that can even be modded (improved). In the 1990’s when the PlayStation 1 first appeared most games only featured one main weapon per character, pick up items and some games didn’t even have weapons such as Spyro and Crash Bandicoot as they use their characteristics such as punching and breathing fire.

Weapons or Abilities in Games Before the Year 2000

Spyro 001

Spyro the Dragon – 1998

In the Spyro the Dragon Series you have abilities such as fire and charge, however you can find occasional weapons such as a cannon (but it only stays in one spot). In a more recent Spyro game they have  given the player more abilities so he can compete in more tasks and explore more areas. Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly (2002) features abilities such as bubbles to capture dragonflies without harm, electric shock to stun enemies and ice breath to freeze enemies.

Crash Bandicoot 001.jpg

Crash Bandicoot – 1996

I really like the Crash Bandicoot Series as most of the games are quite consistent up until the two xbox released games known as ‘Crash of the Titans’ (2007) and ‘Crash Mind Over Mutant’ (2008). In most games he uses his spin attack and has a jump slam that can crush certain enemies, however, in one game they developed his abilities and also included a weapon in ‘Crash Bandicoot Warped'(1998). The Fruit Bazooka wasn’t really used much as Crash had a range of abilities in the 3rd installment of Crash Bandicoot such as Crash Dash, Death Tornado Spin and a Super-Charged Body Slam.

Earthworm Jim – 1994

In Earthworm Jim he has a weapon and an ability. His ability is to use his worm-like body to get across the many levels of the game as well as kill enemies and the gun is used to kill enemies; especially the main bosses. This game was very fun as he had many uses of his head and arms to get across the level. The game was later remade in 1995 as a result of its success.

Worms 001

Worms – 1995

As much as I believe that games made before 2000 had a limited choice of weaponry I know that some games made at this time were all about weapons such as the game above; Worms. The game was so successful at the time that it has around 23 games in total and the game is still played to this day. The game featured weapons such as the Bananna Bomb, The Bazooka, The Grenade, Sheep, Cluster Bomb and many more.

James Pond 001.jpg

James Pond – 1990

James Pond is a Platformer, points-based game in which you save a variety of sea creatures. You get points for completing tasks, killing enemies finding objects and getting to the end of the level. The game has a lot of mechanics considering the date it was made. James Pond can use bubbles to kill enemies and and also summon friends to help out with attacks.

Abe 002

Abe 001.jpg

Abe Game Series 1996 – 2014

The Abe Series released by Oddworld Inhabitants has to be one of my favourite Game Series. It has an incredible amount of ways you can die, ways in which your friends can die and ways in which enemies can die. Weapons are used in the game either by influence of abe or the enemy (friends are usually harmless unless you slap them as they can slap you to death). The game features Sligs which have guns, Meat Crushers which can be used when pulling a lever (same with electric barriers). and a lot of bombs and other creatures. Below is a video of ’50 ways to die in Abe’s Oddysee’. This video features weapons as well as objects that can be used against you or your enemies.