Today in Class we focused on Task ‘E’ and ‘F’. This module is about RPG’s (Role Playing Games) and we are to start a design process that is based around a storybook in which we picked randomly out of a box. My Storybook is ‘The Wind in the Willows’; I’m quite happy to have this book as I am quite familiar about the storyline and the characters, also as soon as I knew what book it was that I got lots of ideas popped to mind. The brief wants us to look at all aspects that would be in a game and use them in our design process of creating the game towards our random book. I’m looking forward to putting a twist on The Wind in the Willows as I have a few ideas on the environment possibilities as well as how the characters can fit into those environments, on the other hand I intend to keep some of the storyline the same and also the character personalities.

First of all I have created a spider-diagram from my current knowledge of the book and also some information from online websites and reviews. As I need to read the book again to gain more knowledge I will create a post soon that shows my research from the original book by Kenneth Grahame.Spider-Diagram.jpg

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In this spider-diagram my research shows 3 categories. Characters and their Traits, Environments and finally Existing Works/Adaptations. Below shows a list of what will be staying the same and what will be changing.


Staying the Same

The Characters Personalities

The Type of Animal

Altered Slightly

The Story


The Environment

The Characters Looks

Vehicles and Objects