For the third and final year of my university course, I have the task of making a Final Major Project to present at the Hull School of Art & Design degree show. If you want to know more about my project please read my previous post ‘Final Major Project Proposal’. Follow this link: (

Throughout my proposal I have a range of ideas for my project; the final idea chosen was idea 3, creating 2 dioramas. Having the idea in my head was just the first step, the second step was looking for inspiration, art styles and similar works so I can get an idea of what I want the end result to look like. I created a Pinterest account and looked for a lot of images on there as many artists post their work so that it can be shared with the world. Below are some of the boards I created.

I also have some slideshows that show the images I have looked at mostly for this project, as well as some images I have shown individually as they are the main inspiration towards my work.

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Here are some other dioramas that I really liked, some of them are just so creative.


I pinned this one as I like the way they have used an object to place their environment inside. Depending on the theme I choose I could have many ideas just from this one image such as having a library hidden inside a book, a video game within a console or even a garden in the base of a vase.


When I first saw this image it made me think that I don’t need all four walls for an inside environment. Simple using a backdrop, photograph or even a 360 material (similar to what is used via the sketchfab website).


And finally this diorama I liked because of the size. Even though I am making the diorama in 3D on the computer, I still have to consider the size of it. The final diorama could end up in a scene with a real-world object next to it to show the size (similar in the way that this one has someone holding it to demonstrate the size).