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April 2016

Sound – Creative Futures – Sound/Music within Games and Films

What is Foley?

Foley first came around in the 1900’s as Jack Foley is known as the inventor of the Art of Foley with him being a pioneer for film sound effects. Foley requires great timing, patience and a great imagination as it is used to create sound effects in films using everyday items or you can even use items that other people wouldn’t imagine (that’s why you need to be imaginative). Foley is used in games and films; this post is going to be about how sound (including Foley) can effect the game/film atmosphere.

Foley in Films

Every film studio has a Foley department to create amazing and unique sound effects. Animated films or films that feature something that doesn’t exist in reality are usually more fun to create Foley for as trying to make your own sound effect for something that doesn’t exist seems like quite the challenge. Although with films getting more realistic with CGI (Computer Generated Images) the sounds have to be way more realistic. When you compare an old film to an new film you can tell the difference between the sound quality as over the years sound equipment and technology has improved dramatically.

Star Wars

Star Wars is great for Foley as nothing from this film actually exists really. Light sabers, alien technology, robots and anything in relation to space have all had sounds to be designed in a very unique way as these don’t exist so Ben Burtt (Sound Designer at Lucas Films) was very imaginative about the way in which to use everyday objects in films as a sound effect. At Lucas Film Studios there is a sound library with over 5000 sound effects from previous films just in case they need to be used again, some of these tapes have been there since 1975. Each sound designer is always looking out for sounds in their everyday life, their job is almost a part of their whole life.Most sounds from Star Wars are remastered to be more syfy/space sounding as an example they used a biplane as the sound for a spaceship and digitally edited that sound.


Most of this film is made of Foley and music, the main aim for this film was to have the characters communicate with the least amount of words as possible. Again the sounds were made by Ben Burtt and the film was a huge success. Each sound has so much emphasis and meaning so everything had to be done really well. To create the blast sound from eve’s gun Ben Burtt used a stretched slinky to create a sound that goes from a low frequency to a high frequency; I find it incredible that something so random can create such a unique noise.

Transformers Series

For the Transformers films many sounds were recreated using the actual object itself, for example to record military helicopters they recorded actual military helicopters and to record explosives they recorded explosives. The film had a lot of car noises and robotic noises so a lot was film outside with cars or inside garages.

Music in Films

I love the music from films as when a here a certain track from a film I will recognize it straight away. Most films have incredible film composers such as Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, Randy Newman and there are so many more. Most people buy film soundtracks because if you are a big fan of the film it is nice to listen to some of the great scores written by some of the great composers. Also the music advertises the film just as much as a logo because if you hear that theme tune on a television advertisement you instantly watch it just as much as if you see the logo you get all excited.


This is in my top ten of movie soundtracks. I love this music as it is so fast and catchy that it becomes a memorable soundtrack. Also I like the way in which the movie soundtrack and the TV Series soundtrack sounded quite similar but yet had their differences as the Television show was released in 1989 and the Film was released in 1988. When you visit Universal Studios in Florida, Orlando I like to listen to the music as the park subtly plays some of the greatest movie soundtracks and The BeetleJuice Soundtrack is one of them. (Link to Universal music is at the bottom of this blog post in the ‘Interesting Links and Videos’ Section).

Back to the Future

This is a song by Huey Lewis and the News used to introduce the character ‘Marty McFly’ to the film. Again it shows you what the town looks like, however it doesn’t have the opening credits on this section. I like this opening scene as it is a brief way of showing us what this character is like, what era the film is set in and what the town people look like. This is quite a popular film so again this song is now known as the song from Back to the Future rather than the song by Huey Lewis and the News.

Jurassic Park

When this film was released in 1993 it was an instant hit. The sound effects were great the CGI was amazing and the music is still phenomenal to this day. This theme tune is easily recognized as there is more than one film and each film uses this tune, even the most recent Jurassic World film used the theme tune but changed it slightly.


So everyone knows the words to this as it must be one of the most catchy film theme tunes ever. In fact I bet you are singing it in your head at this moment in time. However, they have just announced a GhostBusters 2 with a female cast (not many people are looking forward to it). With the first GhostBusters being released in 1984 the music was very ‘old school’ now seen as retro but the tune is still awesome and everyone likes it whereas now that GhostBusters 2 has kept the tune but altered it to suit this era of music and is now Dubstep (again not many people are happy with this).

Star Wars

This opening scene has been used in almost every Star Wars film to introduce the story via a scrolling title of words. Again another popular theme tune used in many ways, sometimes in shows and comedies as with the film being very popular.

Harry Potter

Through most popular films you will notice that the theme tune is consistent throughout, the Harry Potter music is the same throughout the whole series (with slight changes to some).

Films that are consistent throughout are usually really good films or easy to recognize as the tune is easy to remember and with it being in every movie of the series you can relate that sound to the logo and then it just becomes apparent. If I was to write the word ‘Film’ in the Harry Potter typeface you would instantly know that it was Harry Potter font; well it is the same with sound/music as you can recognize the tune without any images.

Interesting Links and Videos

Disney’s Brother Bear Foley Video

Disney Pixar’s Toy Story Foley Video


Universal Studios Orlando Entrance Melody

To follow a link to a video to the users YouTube channel right click on the video, click on the video URL and then like and subscribe to these YouTubers.

Information Source from:

Games Design – Genre Research – Bibliography

Alien Isolation Image 001

Alien: Isolation Audio Interview with Sam Cooper & Byron Bullock!

Alien Isolation Image 002

Alien: Isolation Extended “Distress” Trailer – How Will You Survive?

Alien Isolation Image 003

Alien: Isolation Review – Just Give Up (PS4)

Alien Isolation Image 004

Bioshock Gif 001

Bioshock Image 001

Bioshock Image 002

Bioshock Image 003

Bioshock Image 004

Bioshock Image 005

Evil Within Image 001

New Trailer for The Evil Within Introduces its Lethal Enemies and Traps

Evil Within Image 002

Evil Within Image 003

7 Scary Gaming Enemies That We Still Haven’t Forgotten

Saw Image 001

Saw Image 002

SAW – The Video Game (PC/MulTi2) RePack

Saw Image 003

Saw Image 004

Saw Image 005

Saw Image 006

Wet Image 001

Wet Image 002

Wet Image 003

Wet Image 004

GTA Image 001

GTA Image 002

GTA Image 003

GTA Image 004

GTA Image 005

GTA Image 006

Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer – Latest Released

GTA Image 007

The Division Image 001

The Division Image 002

The Division Image 003

The Division Beta PS4 vs. Xbox One Direct-Feed Screenshot Comparison Shows No Major Difference

The Division Image 004

Guitar Hero live Information 001

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Guitar Hero Live Gets New Songs, Concert Footage, and All-Access Weekend

Guitar Hero Live Video 001

Forza Image 001

Forza Image 002

Forza Image 003

Forza Motorsport 6 Demo Released Today


Games Design – Genre Research

All games have a genre/theme. This genre usually depicts everything the game consists of such as characters, vehicles, objects and environments. Below are some genre’s and themes used within games.


Horror games usually stick to a sub-genre of being a jump-scare game, gory game, thriller, adventure, slasher etc. Below are some examples featuring a horror genre and how they show that theme.

Alien Isolation

Horror 001

Well-known for its jump-scares this game not only has human enemies but also features alien enemies. Horror games usually feature creatures to spook the player as it is something new to us and is very different to the human body. Anything that looks different to us can be seen as creepy, also the creature is dark and slimy. As well as the character being quite spooky we also have to consider environments. The environment plays a dramatic part in the game as the lights flicker, shadows move past and even the sound used within the environment works really well. Sometimes you can even run into protagonists and think that they are an antagonist. The game really messes with your mind.


gaming game bioshock infinite bioshock bioshock 2

The first Bioshock Game was quite scary in my opinion. So many jump-scares lead to a great game. With the game being set underwater it isn’t exactly as bright and happy as ‘The Little Mermaid’; they take into consideration the depth of the underwater city and understand that it will be a dark place. Bioshock is scary for many reasons, my favourite reason being the way in which you play the game. Some gamers go in stealthily whereas others just full on attack, you will still run into the jump-scares but stealth has that element of “will the enemy catch me?” and “Oh no he is getting closer towards me, I should hide somewhere else” etc.

Sound improves this game dramatically, sound effects that indicate a character is nearby such as footsteps (on hard floor or through water), electric cables sparking suggesting you can maybe set up a trap to electrocute an enemy and the most important sounds of them all has to be the characters. Frank Fontaine uses the phrase ‘Would you kindly’ as a trigger word to make Jack (your playable character) follow the command he gives you.

I like the way in which the characters are portrayed as at the beginning I thought Big Daddy was a bad guy as he is quite big and scary, however it turns out he is just being very protective and won’t actually hurt you unless you harm one of the little sisters. Some of the splicers (enemies) look scary, sound scary and are quite fast so instantly that is one fear of mine in a game. I was also not a fan of the little sisters are they are a common style of character used in games and films to spook people, I suppose they just look too sweet and innocent that we suspect something scary to happen.

The environments are spooky during most of the game, however, I like the fact that there is a Bioshock DLC in which you can explore Rapture (the underwater city) in its normal state when it wasn’t so spooky and it explains some of the character designs and basically what went wrong.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Evil Within

I would say that the evil within is scary by using every horror category. I especially think that the character design was great in this game as the characters are quite spooky and each one has a different look; there are some characters that you see more than once in the game as they have a certain way to be defeated. Below are some of the characters featured in the game.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The main feature in this game is death. Obviously if you die in the game you’re not going to die in real life, however a lot of people mainly fear dying in a game due to how the enemy will kill you, when he will kill you, not wanting to start from your last checkpoint and even just not being able to get past a certain enemy or not wanting to fail. This game requires a lot of thinking, quick actions and no fear but we all lack in at least one of these and that is nothing to be ashamed of as it makes the game more interesting. Solving puzzles and trying to survive is the main aim of the game. Rather than enemies coming after you you have protagonists panicking thinking that you can help them but really they are strapped to a device that if it gets to close to yours will blow up.

Even though you have to survive many traps you have to create some to avoid these characters that can put your life in danger. I don’t really like that feature as I find that quite a difficult task as I am more interested in the thinking part of the game and the interesting story. The Saw movies are known to be very clever as some films are set at the same time and some characters are not who they seem also some of the traps can be tricky. Bringing this into a game was a great idea. Another feature which I think is a good idea but find difficult to actually cope with in the game is the light. You have the choice of a lighter, torch or camera for the use of light when you need it. The camera is very bright (using the flash photography setting) but you have to keep clicking the camera to use the light also the flash and shutter sounds get annoying after a while and there is more chance of you coming across a jump scare whereas the torch and lighter stay lit but you can run out batteries for the torch and your lighter can die.

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Wet 001

The name ‘Wet’ comes from the term ‘Wet-Work’ as in killing or assassinating someone via a contract. I find the gameplay to this very interesting as it the controls are the typical action game controls (B=Crouch/Slide, A=Jump, RT=Shoot) but with every action you have a slow motion chance to aim your gun manually so when you jump, flip or slide really fast the time slows down and you have a chance of getting a better shot and a better aim.

This game is a great action game which is also quite violent, funny, however it is quite repetitive. I didn’t actually finish this game as I got bored due to the repetitive missions. Each mission consists of fighting lots of enemies and usually a boss level or points scoring level, then you get a final score. Here is some of the gameplay below to demonstrate the fighting style.

Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA 001

This game was incredibly popular when it was released in 2013 and it is still popular now. The GTA (Grand Theft Auto) game series has been popular since the very first game release in 1997, however, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was a breakthrough for Rockstar games as it became incredibly popular. GTA 4 was released in 2008 so when GTA 5 was announced everyone was really looking forward to it as since the previous game graphics and quality had been improved over the years.

This game was great for action as some of the missions are completly random and some missions can even take over 30 mins to complete. When Rockstar released the Heist missions for online mode everyone waited desperately as there was a few delays however they are really fun as you get to communicate with people from around the world to tactically rob a bank and get away with it. I find GTA 5 Online to be very useful when playing online because you can make lots of friends but you have to be careful as you might also make lots of enemies.

I like the way in which through the main game you can switch between the choice of three players (as some tasks/missions require a certain character). Also you get to have a pet dog named Chop when playing as Franklin and you can even teach it tricks or get it to attack people.

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Tom Clancy’s The Division 

Division 001.jpg

Released in 2016 this game was highly anticipated to be a great success, although it was successful only certain people bought it as it had a style that is suitable for players that enjoy games such as Call of Duty and Splintercell. Known as an Open World, Online, RPG game Tom Clancy’s The Division is immersive and realistic according to their website at

In this game you have a base that you can improve throughout, online players that you can either play against or team up with and progression is key. Throughout the whole game you level up and the more progress you make the better an agent you become. The game features lots of weapons, characters and skill sets; the game also takes a while to complete as people want to become such a high level.




Guitar Hero Live

Guitar Hero 001

Music games are never as popular as action, adventure or horror as they can either be quite expensive due to the fact you need to by the right equipment for your console, you might not like the song choices and the games are very rarely released. The Guitar Hero franchise was one of the most popular types of music games but then rumor spread that they had stopped making these games all together, however, that was not true as they released Guitar Hero Live in 2015 and it was quite a success. This game has different yet more realistic controls on the guitar and supposedly better music. Below is a list of some of the music you can play:

  • The Anthem by Good Charlotte
  • Bangarang by Skrillex ft. Sirah
  • Counting Stars by One Republic
  • Demons by Imagine Dragons
  • Everybody Talks by Neon Trees
  • I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons
  • Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones
  • Waking Up in Vegas by Katy Perry

Racing Games


Forza 001.jpg

When Forza was released in 2015 the Xbox One was already out (2013) so Xbox created an Xbox One Console for the game release:

Forza 003

The game is well known for its outstanding graphics and the variety of cars. The realism is great as you can drive manually or automatic (using gears or not). You can race against friends and beat their times as well as having achievements like any other Xbox One game. According to Forza 6 includes 460 cars, 26 world-famous locals, and 24 car multiplayer. Some players are even given the chance to be rewarded better cars by the playing the game as much as possible.


Overall I believe that most gamers stick to their own genre. They may experiment with other genres but I know that everyone has their own opinions. My favourite genres include action, adventure and horror; games such as Skyrim, Tomb Raider, Batman (The Arkham Series) and more.


Games Design – RPG Research Bibliography

The Last of Us Image 001

REVIEW: The Last of Us (Remastered)

The Last of Us Reviews 001

The Last of Us Image 002

The Last of Us Ending: Breaking the Player Paradigm

The Last of Us Image 003

The Last of Us Image 004

Bioshock Infinite Image 001

Bioshock Infinite Image 002

Bioshock Infinite Image 003

Bioshock Image 004

Bioshock Infinite Image 005

Bioshock Infinite Image 006

Far Cry 3 Image 001

Far Cry 3 Image 002

Far Cry 3 Outsold Far Cry 4 Digitally on PS3; Here’s Why

Far Cry 3 Image 003

Tony Hawk Image 001

Tony Hawk Research 001’s_Game_Series

Tony Hawk Image 002

Tony Hawk Image 003

Tony Hawk Image 004

Games Design – RPG Research

Role Playing Games are incredibly popular, most games feature Role-Playing. RPG’s are my favourite so I believe that it is a great way to be immersed within a game. An RPG (Role Playing Game) is when the player gets to play as a character in a game that goes on epic adventures, meets new people, fights enemies, explores new places and more; and to add to the list of opportunities you can also play online with other players or interact with an amazing storyline. Most games usually are better in one sector than the other for example ‘The Last of Us’ has been known for it’s amazing story but the gameplay hasn’t had the best of reviews whereas Skyrim has great gameplay but not a very long or good storyline.

Games with a Good Story

The Last of Us

The Last of Us 005

Known for its great storyline, The Last of Us has had so many good reviews. Released in 2013 by the Developers Naughty Dog the game was a smash hit. Below are just two of the great reviews:

Review 001Review 002

Also watch the Game Trailer here:

I have played some of the game and I must say it has such a good storyline mainly due to the way in which the characters interact. There are two main protagonists (Joel and Ellie).


The story starts with getting to know Joel. We find out that he has a daughter, but all of a sudden an apocalypse begins with people starting to go crazy (almost zombie-like). Unfortunatley Joel loses his daughter and the story moves on. We next see Joel with a new friend and to gain access to weapons they have a task to complete for a team called The Fireflies; this task is to take Ellie to the designated location and this is where the adventure begins. Throughout the game we see things happen to Ellie and Joel that scare us, make us happy, make us sad and make us angry, however, most of the game is a stealth game so I would also say that is a mechanic that adds to the storyline being more interesting. Also the game is well-known for its environment design. The first apocolyptic game to feature so many plants and wildlife. An example of this would be the finding of giraffes at a university.

Bioshock Infinite 

Bioshock Infinite 001.jpg

Another game released in 2013 which has such a crazy but good storyline. If you like games that make you think well this game will blow you mind. Although a lot people didn’t give it a chance considering Bioshock 1 & Bioshock 2 were quite repetitive the developers improved there game and made the story more interesting throughout. Even though there is a set storyline no one really knows some of the other little details that could either hint towards another game or reveal more of the story. Bioshock Infinite is clever in the way that it gives the player a chance to invent their own theory to the end of the game and as a community many people who liked this game came together to discuss how they feel the game makes sense.

From what I understand I believe that the game starts with you being in a rowing boat with two twins explaining to you your task. You stop near a lighthouse and in this lighthouse is a secret way of transportation into the city of Columbia (a floating city in the sky. See more here in my previous blog post: Once in this city you explore and continue your task which is to find a girl of the name Elizabeth and bring her back. At the end of the game you find out that elizabeth is really your daughter from an alternate universe kind of. I say kind of because within this game there are so many universes. Within one part of the game elizabeth explains it as there are constants and variables (constants which are events that happen in every world and variables which are events that can have multiple outcomes). As an example throughout the game series the environment consists of a unique environment such as underwater and Columbia in the sky also you have the antagonist that is really a protagonist in this case a Big Daddy or Songbird and then you have Booker and Jack, multiple Elizabeth’s and the main antagonist. Same events but different outcomes. Elizabeth “You. Me. Songbird. Columbia. Sometimes things are different, yet the same.”

Watch this video for a more in depth description and be careful it contains a lot of spoilers.


Bioshock Infinite 003Bioshock Infinite 002










Bioshock Infinite 005

Bioshock Infinite 004





Bioshock Infinite 007Bioshock Infinite 006

Games with Good Gameplay (controls – character or vehicle)

Far Cry 3

Far Cry 001.jpg

The story for Far Cry 3 is quite repetitive, however, it is known for it’s bad guy as many people really liked Vaas. I really like the gameplay as the character is easy to control and so are all of the vehicles. Having a wide range of vehicles is great and later on in the game you get a flying suit which is a huge life saver. My favourite method of transportation is the hang glider as it is easy to control and you can travel quite far quite quickly, although it takes a while to get the hang of landing the vehicle I finally managed.

The controls are  basic and by basic I mean they are controls you would already assume; for example (If playing via Xbox) most games consider ‘B’ as Crouch, ‘A’ as Jump and ‘X’ as Reload, these are the controls Far Cry 3 uses. I also like the way in which the Far Cry game series keeps the controls consistent throughout.

Tony Hawk Games (Pro Skater 2)

Tony Hawk 001.jpg

All of the Tony Hawk games are great and you either learn all of the tricks or button bash; either way the game is still fun. Anyone new to the game can learn how to play within 5 mins of gameplay as it is that easy. that is why the game is called pro skater (the more you play the better you get). Tony Hawk has got 15 skateboarding games (not including remakes) and the more popular they got the better as he even got to feature celebrity friends such as Bam Margera, the game series has lasted between 1999 and 2015. I love the game as you could free roam, do missions and complete challenges. The customization was great but overall the controls are so simplistic and I love that.

Games with Good User Interface

Please find below the link to one of my posts from my blog. This post is about game with a good user interface.

Creative Futures -An Intro to Production Design/Games Design

The Games Design Industry is growing more and more each day. Games are getting better and more people seem interested in playing games even the female audience are starting to dominate the online servers. With currently studying to be a Games Designer I am mainly interested in the art sector of the Games Design industry, my favourite job would be a 3D Designer; mainly working on environments and objects.

Roles within the Games Design industry:

  • Creator
  • Developer (Rocksteady, Rockstar, Lionhead, 2K Games etc.)
  • Director (Game Director, Studio Director, Art Director, Audio Director, Technical Director etc.)
  • Producers (Senior Producers, Art Producers, Associate Producers etc.)
  • Animators (Lead Animator, Motion Capture, Technical Animator etc.)
  • Environment Artist
  • Concept Artist
  • Front-end Artist
  • Asset Artist
  • Lighting Artist
  • Technical Artist
  • Special Effects
  • Audio Programmer
  • Sound Designer
  • Character Artist
  • Cinematic Director
  • Level Designer
  • Narrative Designer
  • Designer
  • Marketing Game Manager
  • Community Manager
  • AI Programmer
  • Engine Programmer
  • Player Programmer
  • I.T Director
  • Desktop & OP Support Specialist
  • Finance Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Office Assistant & Receptionist
  • Production Assistant
  • Lead Quality Assurance
  • Quality Assurance Testers
  • Outsource Partners
  • Engine Programmer
  • Character Concept
  • Special Thanks
  • Company Babies
  • Art Team
  • Developer Relations & Management
  • Production Administrator
  • Certification
  • Development
  • Coordinator
  • Usability Manager
  • First Party Operations
  • Talent Relations
  • PR Representative
  • PR Manager
  • Country Sales
  • Trade Marketing
  • Sales Planning & Analysis
  • Distribution
  • Deputy General Counsel
  • Worldwide Operations
  • Regional Office
  • Sound Designer
  • ADR Mixer
  • Sound Editor
  • Foley Artist
  • Story Writers
  • Voice Over Actors
  • Sound Engineer
  • Composer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Dialogue
  • Composition
  • Music Orchestration and Conductor
  • Music Preparation
  • Score Coordinator
  • Cutscene Re-recording Mixer
  • Creatives (Officer, Interactive, Associate)
  • President
  • Publishers
  • Business Development
  • Business Development
  • Business & Legal Affairs
  • Franchise Management

I think that some roles in industries such as this clash and some end up doing similar sort of tasks. I think that this is a good thing as there is more chance of working as a team as well as reassuring that everything in production is up to standards.

When reviewing the job roles for Games Design most of these roles can also be used in the films industry such as Voice Over Actors, Sound Editors and Country Sales as an example, however, I have been tasked to research ‘Entertainment Media’, ‘Production Design’ and ‘Art Director’.

The term ‘Entertainment Media’ is the format in which the product has been released e.g. Film, Book, CD, DVD etc. In our case we have our games on disc and even sometimes as a digital download.

‘Production Designers’ are in charge of design obviously. They are what decides on the styles, themes and aesthetics of the media; whether it be a film, music video or game.

An ‘Art Director’ may seem similar to a production designer but it is not. An art director is in charge of the art department and what goes on there. They will decide on what artwork to use and what to change.

Creative Futures – Perspective Drawing

Perspective Drawing is quite new to me as I have always drawn everything free-hand, however once I started to draw using perspective it really helped me to understand how 3D objects should actually look.

Perspective 005

  1. Here is my first attempt (Image above). Gareth taught us this method so that we could create buildings or crates; I like this technique because if you always draw this step by step and get it right the box created will always be even, however I found it quite difficult to understand how to get the shape and the size of the box that I wanted; therefore I attempted more.

Perspective 0062. Here I tried to create a bigger (less slim) building sort of shape. The black pen was my first try, however I wanted to try a different view so I used the red pen to try and get a larger and lower perspective. Unfortunately I made some mistakes in doing this so I tried again.

Perspective 004

3. This try was okay but I still was looking for a shape that resembled the average building. The more and more I repeated this technique the more I learnt. At this stage I knew I was getting closer to the shape I was looking for.

Perspective 003

4. This attempt was much better, as I managed to create more of a cube rather than a really thin top and a really large base such as the previous one.

Perspective 007

5. Finally I am really pleased with how this attempt went as it is in the shape of an average building, however you can see the use of perspective in this as seen in the image below.Prespective Building 001

6. As I liked my final design I decided to take it into photoshop and turn the cube into an actual building to show my intentions.

Perspective 001

7. I like this sort of perspective, however, I feel that my house and fences look quite flat. If I was to improve this I would attempt making everything a bit more 3D as the reason for perspective is to make your work more realistic and 3D.

Perspective 002

8. This method is similar to the previous (no. 7) however, instead of drawing objects on the side I decided to draw a road going into the distance from the bottom. This isn’t my favourite method as I think that the road disappears too quickly. It would look better with a wider road and more detail.


Creative Futures – Graphics Design (Shop Fronts/Signs)

Living in Hull we have a wide variety of cultures and personalities; I suppose that is what makes Hull quite unique as together as a community we focus on making Hull a better place (or in other terms a ‘City of Culture’). Like any other city Hull has its advantages and disadvantages and by looking at the information below I can prove this.


  • ‘The cost of living is around 40% lower than the national average’ –,722107&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL
  • ‘Hull is at the heart of Europe and trades with the rest of the world’ –,722119&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL
  • ‘Chip Spice is also another variation, which origninated in Kingston Upon Hull’ –
  • ‘A thriving ferry terminal that has the world’s largest passenger ferries’ –,722115&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL
  • Hull has ‘the longest single-span suspension bridge in Britain’ ––best-things-landmarks-humber-tourism-121548412.html


Well it seems I don’t exactly have to post a few disadvantages as this next link just shows what people think, open up this link to find out what disadvantages some people believe Hull holds.

One disadvantage that interested me was this quote ‘The dingy boarded up shops’. Currently in Hull we have a large problem which is the construction. If you are not aware Hull is having a major make-over; most of the paths and roads have been dug up so that we have a brand new nice-looking town by 2017 (Hull City of Culture), however the construction is not due to be completed until at least 2018 or 2019. Recently it has been all over the news and social media that this construction is causing all sorts of problems and one of them being shops not able to stay in business as they are losing customers. Not many people want to visit Hull any more.Eden.jpg

Here is just one of the shops shutting down due to these reasons. The owners of Eden stated to the Hull Daily Mail that they have had a 50% reduction in footfall since the construction. Considering the shop from the front looks quite advertising this comes to a surprise to everyone even popular shops such as Brooks, Mootch and The Tea Shop are struggling for business.


For our Creative Futures project our task is to look at the graphics of a selection of shops then describe and explain why they look like that, what their business is and do people shop there?


Although this sign is rather large most people either don’t know that it is there or have troubles getting to it. I have been myself and I must admit it can get quite busy, however a bit of colour may have helped this sign although it does light up on a night (useful for when customers want to go for a nice evening meal. The font is quite smart and easy to read, maybe could be improved by adding a space in between the two words and also maybe adding the logo so people know what it is instantly.


When doing our research we came across this little restaurant. I have never heard of or seen it before, however they have an advertising menu in the front window and a graphics design to match the style of the place. From here it looks quite small but it does extend quite far (not able to see at this moment in time due to construction). The construction actually helped in this case as I was looking for which way to go I came across it.

The theme is consist throughout based on ‘Old Grandad’s Shed’ according to their Website as the place is full of interesting objects such as old typewriters, an old diving mask and the odd garden equipment. The sign out front has a washed out green/blue coloured painted wood which already indicates an ‘old shed’ sort of style also I find that most American Steakhouses use this sort of style as people find it unique and interesting. The font is quite smart I see this as a representation of the grandad; old (the washed out wood) with a great personality that lasts forever (the paint) and smart, filled with plenty of knowledge and adventurous (the font). Also during the night time I believe that the sign will look quite nice with the lights above shinging on it.


Unlike the other two images Kapow! has a slogan and a website which I see as an advantage as it encourages the customer to look online as well as instore. I am a really big fan of this shop as it is great for all your retro favourites; featuring merchandise from classics such as ‘FraggleRock’, ‘Wacky Races’, ‘Looney Tunes’, ‘The Goonies’, ‘Batman’, ‘The Blues Brothers’ and more. Even though the store sells all of this cool stuff I feel that the sign lets it down. It is an interesting sign compared to others, but I think an image of something retro or a bit more colour could possible improve the quality of the store front. I do however like the way in which the word Kapow draws your attention, with the word Kapow being written in comic books we all know from common knowledge that words like ‘bang’, ‘pow’ and ‘kapow’ are loud ways of showing someone being hit without the violence so in our heads that word automatically shouts out to us they way we see it in comics.America 001.jpg

Studio 1-West – Orlando, Kissimee

No longer in Hull I have expanded my search to Orlando, Florida, Kissimee. The reason I chose to research this area of America is because I have been here several times down this same street and all of the shops stand out incredibly compared to Hull. First of all the shops are more spread out which gives the owner more of an opportunity to expand on the design. Here for example this whole shop has been Americanised. This shop is very patriotic, however, I feel that the only downfall is with shops like this is the fact that this shop as an example does not sell patriotic items such as the American flag or presidential merchandise it sells a large quantity of Disney products with being quite close to the Disney parks (non-official Disney products) and also the typical tourist merchandise such as t-shirts with funny slogans.

The reason the store uses this graphic design style is to draw people in, some of the stores in this area are completely honest and advertise on simply selling cheap items as that appeals great to British tourists as we like a good deal and have most likely run out of money due to being at the Disney Parks and paying their prices. Even though the store isn’t very patriotic on the inside I must say that I have found some great deals and great items in there; and the graphics was one of the reasons I wanted to go there beacause the bold blue and red from the American flag stands out perfectly.

America 002.jpg

Magic Castle Gift Kingdom – Orlando, Kissimee

Here is one of my favourite stores ever for graphics design. At first glance I would assume that this was either a magic shop or a costume shop, although it really is a gift shop. Again similar to the previous image, it is using graphics to persuade people to come inside their store. Also if you look closely they have the tactic of cover the windows with prices and sales so that we have to look inside to see what it sells. Stores with this type of style draw in the attention of children espicially. I like the way that the wizard covers most of the building from left to right; my eyes travel from left to right and I view the whole thing with interest. I would say the colours are a bit faded but we have to take this into consideration as in England we don’t have the warm weather in which they do, therefore the sun fades some of the colours away. To describe it briefly I would say colourful and quirky.

America 003.jpg

Gala Gifts – Orlando, Kissimee

Another one similar to the above, however this one doesn;’t have any typography. They have only placed the typography onto the sign outside (meant for people in cars to view). In a way that is a good idea but all of these places just seem to be named a ‘Gift shop’ but after doing my research I found out the real names (as you can see from above this one is called ‘Gala Gifts’.I like the way in which they use cartoon, friendly animals to again persuade children to drag their parents into the store. Also I like the design on the roof as they haven’t just focused on the object they have actually fully painted the roof also.

America 004.jpg

Cici’s Pizza and Bonanza Golf – Orlando, Kissimee

This place was right next to my hotel and I must say it was very popular. Seeing a golf course on a mountain looks cool, fun and adventurous and even though the main name Bonanza isn’t included on the mountain, just adding the one word golf makes it easy for people to know what it is. Simple is always key. My main worry is the font and colour of the text. I feel that orange blends in with the mountain way to much and should be maybe blue or green, however with a waterfall at either side I think that is what makes the typography stand out. As well as having the golf sign they also have an advertisement for cars to see as they go past, this on the other hand has the full name of the place; still I would find these American Store more interesting if they had logos.

Practically next door (almost colliding with the golf place) is Cici’s Pizza. This place is awesome as it sells so many unique pizzas and it also has pizza puddings (e.g. pizza apple slices). My only concern would be that it is quite hidden as it only has it’s advertisement on the board outside along with the other ads and it is similar to the gift shop at the golf centre (Cici’s on the left next to Bonanza Golf Sign and Golf Gift Shop on the right). Even though it is such a nice place it doesn’t have the graphics behind it to support it.

America 005.jpg

TD Bank – New York

I chose to look at New York next as it is a great place for advertisement obviously. This building isn’t as extravagant as the some of the next ones you will see but I chose it as it is very repetitive giving the customer to view the sign all the way down the street. It has four of the same signs all on one side of the building as well as other little advertisements around it. The design is simple but the colour stands out great and is quite smart and simplistic, overall I just think it is a unique way of advertising.

America 006.jpg

 Times Square – New York 

Advertisements and shop fronts everywhere. Times Square is know for it’s graphics design using digital and non-digital advertisements and shop fronts. This area is mainly full of top brands such as McDonald’s and The Disney Store, I like the way in which some shops don’t even have to have their name anywhere as they are so popular that they just use there logo. In films a lot of these shops pay to get their store featured in the movie. I can imagine a property in this area would cost quite a lot.

America 008

Times Square – New York

I like the Shop front for this ‘Toys ‘R’ Us’ Store as they have their genuine logo/font over the doorway yet use the whole of the store windows to not advertise what is inside their store unlike other places but to advertise upcoming merchandise for a new children’s film. Seeing this as a store front is incredible as I can’t imagine seeing such a large method of attracting customers like this in Hull and if so it won’t be the best of advertisements.

America 009

New York

Finally I chose to write about the Radio City Music Hall. The main reason I decided to write about this is because the hall uses old techniques rather than new to attract customers. The old fashioned unique lights in those particular fonts screams retro to anyone that walks past. Also you can tell this place is successful just by looking at how many people are interested in this attraction. I really like the way that they have used more than one font. In most cases you can’t usually get away with this, however in this case the font is what makes this place so stylish. The colours used are great as the red and blue are contrasting and the gold is a really nice gentle touch as a background.

Overall I believe that other countries have a great use of graphics design whereas Hull occasionally has some good designs but most shops are ruined due to criminals using graffiti or tools to ruin signs. With Hull being a small city compared to New York I feel that New York is more of a popular tourist destination and therefore needs more designs and development.


Creative Futures – An Intro to Blogging

During our first week (induction week) we had a great introduction from Hull College and we had fun as well. The week was very informative and effective.

Day 1 – Monday 14th September 2015 

  • 9:00am – All Faculty of Arts students arrive at Hull School of Art and Design building, Queen’s Gardens.
  • Meet with Programme Leaders in HSAD foyer, then to tutor bases in HSAD (Art & Design) or High Street (Performing Arts).
  • Tutorial Activities – Introduction to course and tutors; tours of building (time as required to fit around enrolment.
  • Games Design Students register at enrolment between 11:00am -11:30am.
  • 1:00pm Go to the Principal’s Information Event at the Riverside Theatre, Horncastle Building. 

I enjoyed the first day as I got to explore the HSAD Building, get to know who my classmates are and also get to know my tutors. Also I was informed on the day on who to go to depending on my needs such as Sadie for counselling, Sally (Head of Games Design) for needed information and course details, tutors for help with work (as well as librarians and reception).

The enrolment process was quite frustrating at first, however, the staff were very helpful with any trouble I had.

Day 2 – Tuesday 15th September 2015

  • 10:00am – 10:30am, Meet with Programme Leaders in Studio Bases.
  • Main Activities for the day – Studio Activities, Introduction to Critical and Theoretical Studies, Faculty welcome at Kardomah94- Alfred Gelder Street.
  • C.A.T.S Introduction in room AT120. 1:30PM – 2:45PM.
  • Studio Activities continue until 3:00pm (Faculty Welcome Event.

Main Activities I found fun and interactive. We got to learn who in our class has what skills and put those skills to use in a creative task. I enjoyed this as I got really involved and I bonded really well with the class mates as the task encouraged to think outside of the box.

Day 3 – Wednesday 16th September 2015

  • Studio Activities. 
  • Library Induction, 11:30am – 12:00pm.

The Library Induction was quick and easy. We got a library card and also a tour (which included details on what each room is for (a quiet room for independent research, a social area for group work etc.). The tour also consisted of where to find the books we will most need.

Day 4 – Thursday 17th September 2015

HSAD Students’ Induction trip: LEEDS

  • Meet outside The Warren, opposite BBC building, at 9:15am.
  • Leave Leeds at 3:30pm.

A really fun trip around Leeds which gave me the chance to be more comfortable with travelling, become friends with my future classmates/tutors and explore new surroundings and learn some art history. We visited the museums, the shopping centres and streets that surround the museum.


Day 5 – Friday 18th September 2015

10:00am – 1:00pm, Semester 1 begins

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