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Creative Futures (Y1, S2)

Semester 2 of Year 1. Creative Futures Work.

Creative Futures – Character Diversity Part B

For my final design for the character diversity project I decided to stick with the project B as I have had many ideas. At first I decided to use a similar idea to the video below but then I thought ideas like that have been used before and I wanted something different.

Then I researched lots of different methods of changing the appearance of characters (which is featured elsewhere on my blog in the creative futures section). Then I thought about how these ideas have characters that move, however, not all of the joints move with great ease. As I was sat at my art desk one night I looked to my left at the wooden mannequin realising that would be great for a character.


I drew the mannequin and the little squares represent the attachments in which the clothing will attach. The mannequin will be made from either plastic or wood. I was thinking plastic would be the better option as it would be cheaper in production as well as easier to attach items.

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Here is my final concept which I drew in Illustrator. Here it shows to different colour options for a male in the office environment. The brief required me to make a concept for a specific environment so I chose office. In the hand I decided to place a pen as the characters will have accessories rather than just clothes.

Creative Futures – Personal Micro-Culture

As we grow older we learn new things and these ‘things’ (no matter what they be) help to evolve our personal micro-culture. As we grow our parents inspire most of our first section of this micro-culture and then from there we decide what we like from the influences of friends, family and even strangers. Now that technology is evolving we have more of chance to improve our knowledge on what we like; if you like to cook you can look online for a recipe, if you are interested in certain music you can find it all online etc.

My personal micro-culture has changed over the past year as I have just been introduced to University on a Games Design Course. Throughout this course I have learnt many things such as how to 3D model, how to present my work well and also how to organize my time. Also this course has changed the way I see things, for example when I play a game now I look at the different game mechanics and take more interest in the designs as well as adapting these sorts of things into everyday life such as the designs of shop fronts and looking into the public’s opinions.

Spider-diagram Jpeg

Above is a Spider-Diagram showing my personal micro-culture through the use of images. It shows all of my interests and the interests of my family and friends. I feel that creating this spider-diagram helped me to see where I get all of my inspiration from and what subjects/topics I have been influenced into liking. As you can see I like Superheroes/villains just like my boyfriend, I like Xbox Games just like my Step-Brother and some of my family are completely different as most of my aunties like famous brands and makeup whereas I don’t.

Below I have presented some images that show you what my interests are and it shows my favorite memories and more.

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Above is my Disney Infinity Collection. I aim to collect more but I really like them as collectibles are a great way of keeping me occupied; especially with these being interactive as you can transfer the character you have collected via console. They also look great around the house.

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Above is just some of my favourites from my Disney collection. Some of it may seem pointless but to me it all means a lot.

Disney Coin Collection – I started this collection in 2002 when I first visited Disney World Florida with my mum, my auntie and my grandad. My grandad means everything to me and he helped me collect most of these coins. It was a great adventure as we explored so many places just to find each one.

Walt Disney World Pin – This is one of my favourite pins. I was too young to remember how I got it but I know it was from when I first went to Disney World with my Grandad. It is so detailed for a pin and I haven’t seen many of these.

Autograph Books – I absolutely love my autograph books. Remembering  how I got that specific autograph and colelcting the signatures of all of my favorite characters is great. I enjoyed meeting Goofy as he was great; he lifted my autograph book above my head so I couldn’t reach it and we had so much fun playing (plus he gave me a really cool sticker). The Grinch is a great autograph as it is such a piece of art work, as I got this autograph at the age of 17 I thought about how I would love to know who was under that suit.

Figment of Imagination Hat – My first ever Mickey Ears. Every Disney Dreamer has to have one of these hats, it is just a Disney tradition.

Mickey and Minnie Figures – From my trip to Disney on Ice. What a great day, I have been many times and I love it. This Ice show brings the magic of Disney all the way from America to England.

Dumbo Figurine – An incredibly cute figure that I couldn’t resist buying.

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All of my CD’s, DVD’s and Games.

Smash Mouth Collection – One of my favourite bands to listen to is Smash Mouth. Most people recognize their music from the Shrek Soundtrack or from the film Cat in the Hat but I like all of their original music such as Walkin’ on the Sun, Padrino and So Insane. These are great albums and I aim to collect more.

DVD’S – Mainly consisting of Disney Films, my DVD’s keep me sane. When I’m tired, stressed and need a break of some sort I tend to put a film on. I feel that Disney Films tend to have a moral to a story that can help you out or a character that you can relate to. Fact: My favourite short film is ‘Boundin’; it cheers me up all the time no matter what.

Games – With me currently being a games design student I need to have a lot of game influences. I play on consoles Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 1, GameCube etc. I enjoyed the Tomb Raider series very much as I experienced this playing it with my mum when it was on PlayStation 1. I enjoy playing RPG games such as Skyrim, fallout and GTA.

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Harley Quinn Collectible Figure – An adventure around comic-con and I find this amazing collectible. A figure of Harley Quinn from the game ‘Batman – Arkham Knight’ that features her weapons, her hat and and different body parts (to fit the weapons). I love this figure as it is so smart in its box and is very valuable.

Bioshock Funko-Pop and Mini Canvas – I really like this FunkoPop as I love the Bioshock Games Series. The Big Daddy is one of my most liked characters as at first he seems to be the antagonist but yet it turns out he is actually the protagonist.

Dancing Groot – Too cute I just needed it. Dancing Groot dances to my music as I play it. He is great to have on my desk as I work. He brings a bit of life to my University work.

Lumiere and Cogsworth – Figures from Beauty and the Beast. I saw Lumiere in the Beauty and the Beast shop and I loved it so I bought it. Such a great purchase as it even lights up creating a great atmosphere whilst I do my work. With me having Lumiere I then decided to search for the matching Cogsworth, howeevr, at first I had a problem as they were limited edition they were hard to find as only a few had been sold. Luckily Disney re-released them for purchase and I jumped at the chance.

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Harley Quinn Figures – I am a great Harley Quinn fan and I love collecting anything that relates to her. I am currently collecting her FunkoPop Collection and if I am correct I believe I only need to collect two more.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Toy – Every time I go to Disney World Florida my grandad had the rule of only buy one toy. I used to go overboard but even to this day I stick to this tradition. In 2015 when I visited Disney World I decided to choose an Oswald Teddy as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit finally has the rights to be a Disney Character. If you don’t know the story behind Oswald the Lucky Rabbit it is a very interesting read. Read here:

My Favorite Photographs


On the left: Me and my amazing cat Winnie. Couldn’t ask for a better friend; he was so cute and cuddly as well as him being great at cheering me up. We have had many memories together and he was just like a baby as he loved listening to Disney music (especially Baby Mine from Dumbo)

In the Middle: My cat Tigger, I had since my second birthday. from 1998 to 2015. Tigger was a great friend and loyal cat that was with me from the age of 2 to 17. She was always mature and loyal; she was there for me throughout the process of my parents splitting up which I really appreciated.

On the Right: Me and my Grandpa, such a lovely man. He worked on boats for most of his life until he had an unfortunate stroke which paralyzed him from the neck down but no matter what I am so proud of him for making it through all of the struggles and by the time it was my 17 birthday he managed to learn the ability to speak again. Unfortunately he passed  away just as he started to learn to speak again and move his arms but he worked hard to be able to say a final goodbye and give me  a pat on the back. He made me proud.

18th Lucky Horse Shoe

A Horse shoe from my Nanna and Grandpa for my 18th birthday. I really do appricaite my Nanna putting Grandpa’s names on the back of it. I know it was difficult for her but I like the way we all know he is still here watching over us. This means a lot to me, at first I wasn’t really interested in the idea of these supposedly lucky items for an 18th birthday, however, I now believe it as this is from my Grandpa/Grandpop.

18th Lucky Horse Shoe (Back)
Photograph with Belle

One of my favourite Disney character photographs. After having the story of Beauty and the Beast being told to me by Belle I then got a great photograph with her and also her autograph (as you can see my autograph book in my hand). At that age she was my inspiration, I didn’t want just any ordinary life; I still listen to what she has to say. I am even wearing my princess Minnie hat.

Now that I am in University I have my friends, family, teachers and TED Talks to be influenced by. My personality wouldn’t be the way it is without those I was inspired by. I hope you like all of my things, feel free to ask me about any of them if you see me, but it is a great way to express who I am.


Creative Futures – Project B – Character Diversity

The Brief

Our brief requires us to learn about character customization and it encourages us to create multiple items that can maybe be worn by different characters or change the way in which a character may look. A quick example would be a Lego figure; a Lego figure has lots of little pieces that can all fit into other pieces to create a wide range of characters. I believe Lego is a great way to expand the imagination and creativity of any age. The brief would like us to consider elements the character may feature (think of 20-25 ideas). Using one of the game world examples from the list we are to create a character with multiple elements that relate to that scene.



In 1932 Ole Kirk Christiansen founded the Lego company, when he passed away the company was then left to his sons. I found it quite interesting that the word Lego came from a Latin term (Leg Godt) meaning ‘Play Well’. He created Lego to inspire children to become more imaginative and now it has even progressed to inspire adults.

Ole Kirk Christiansen 001.jpg

Image above: Ole Kirk Christiansen

Lego 001.jpg

Image above: a Lego structure in front of a Lego Store in Disney

Lego 002.jpg

Image above: a Lego structure in front of a Lego Store in Disney

Lego 003.jpg

Image above: The separate parts of a Lego Figure

Lego 004

Image Above: Lego Indiana Jones Game

Lego 005.jpg

Image Above: Lego Movie Poster

Polly Pockets

Chris Wiggs created these little dolls named Polly Pockets for little girls who wanted a doll that they could take with them everywhere (hence the name ‘Polly Pockets’). The first editions of these dolls included clothes made of a rubber meterial that would slip onto the dolls (sometimes proving difficult as the rubber would sometimes snap or putting the outfit on correctly would be quite difficult for a child). Later on the company released a character that had short hair and a body with a thin layer of clothing so that the child could pick out their own outfit or hairstyle and place them on the doll using magnets. Magnets inside the doll would hole the items of clothing and hair. I like this idea, however one problem would occur to be losing little objects as magnets are not always strong.

Polly Pocket 001.jpg

Image above: Magnetic Polly Pocket. (Each set of clothes feature a back and front).

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

The inventor of Mr Potato Head, George Lerner, first created him in 1949 and his amazing toy is still very popular today. Even though the toy now looks nothing like the very first product, George Lerners product still goes on in the Disney industry. The Mr. Potato Heads were not at first popular but then as soon as the first Toy Story film was released in 1995 Mr. Potato head was a well loved character, known for his humor and his angry ways.

Mr Potato Head 001.jpg

Above Image: Hamm and Mr. Potato Head film reference from Toy Story

Mr Potato Head 002.jpg

Above Image: Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head from the Toy Story Film Series

Character Customization Within Games

Fallout 4

With the recent release of Fallout 4 most people admitted to spending more than an hour just customizing their characters. Giving you the option to create both character as they both feature at the start of the game (one female and one male) the player is already spending more time as there are two characters to customize. Also the game is incredibly accurate with facial features going into details such as the length or size of eyebrows and even forehead height, chin length etc. Even once the character has been customized you can still add up more hours of customization by altering your character via surgery, getting a haircut and you can even customize your Power Armor (Powerful armor suit used within the game). You don’t have a choice in clothes at the start of the game but you find a lot of clothes throughout the game.

Clothes within the games can alter the way your character looks but also you have to consider how much damage an enemy can do when wearing those items of clothing/armor. Incredibly the game expands its character customization further as you can dress your companions and anyone that you can trade with.  An example of this would be Dogmeat; you can find special Dog clothing for him such as caged armor, Dog collars and even a stylish looking Bandanna to make him look extra tough.

Dogmeat 001.jpg

Fallout 4 001.jpg

Fallout 4 fans have even gone far enough to create their favourite celebrities as seen below:


Little Big Planet

In Little Big Planet you play as a stuffed toy called Sackboy. You don’t actual change the features of the character but you change the outfit. There is a various amount of outfits to keep the player interested. Also you can unlock some of the costumes making the player want to play the game even more.

Little Big Planet 001Little Big Planet 002

Fable Game Series

The Fable Game Series has changed a lot over the years. The first game allowed the player to watch the character grow up from a child to an adult the more the player played the game (which also happens in Fable 2). Fable 2, however, allows the player to choose the gender and also gain weight. When your health drains you can either use potions or food; depending on how you play the game and how much food you consume can alter the weight of your character. Different foods add a different amount of weight for example cheese will add more fat compared to fruit. Last but not least in the final game Fable 3 you can choose gender, customize clothes (using dyes you can change the colour), customize hair and also add tattoos. The only things you cannot alter/adjust in a Fable game would be the looks and appearance of the face because Fable also gives you the choice throughout the game to be good or evil. The more evil you become the more of a red essence will appear in your skin with good there will be blue; the face changes slightly also as when evil you have a mischievous look whereas when good you always look happy.

Fable 001Fable 003Fable 002Fable 004Fable 005


Creative Futures – Project A – Character Diversity

The Brief

The requirements for Project A, Part 1 asks for research into the human anatomy whilst being quite simplistic with drawing as it only asks for line drawings/quick sketches. Statement from the brief: “You should develop your character to at least explore body types (endomorphic, mesomorphic and ectomorphic), gender, age (from child to adult), cultural diversity and even character style (cartoon, ¾ top down, 3D AAA, 8-bit, side-scrolling sprites etc).” This statement is very clear and gives us many ideas and also we can add our own art styles as well as looking into other artists work. For example looking into Pixar Studios work as their characters per film have so much variety of body shapes and styles depending on the artist.



Glen Keane – Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Tarzan, Pocahontas.

I really like Glen Keane’s work because he has many body types to think of which coordinate towards the personalities. As an example Beauty and the Beast has objects that talk throughout the whole film and at the very end of the film when each object transforms back to a human they still resemble certain characteristics from when they where an object. A big transformation would be the Beast transforming to a human.

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With most of his work, Keane has to consider different body shapes because of the type of film and the character type/personality. With films such as ‘Tarzan’ and ‘Pocahontas’ he has to consider the shape of the main characters body as their culture can alter their appearance. In the film ‘Tarzan’ the main character lives among Gorillas and grows up with them, therefore he walks like a Gorilla on all fours. Also with Gorillas being quite dominant and they stand with pride he has hunched shoulders and muscles due to his fitness and Gorilla like abilities.

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All of these images have different ways of showing Tarzan.

  1. As a child.
  2. Comparison between Tarzan and Gorilla Body Form.
  3. Tarzan shouting, quite strong and scary.
  4. The muscle structure.

Brad Bird – The Iron Giant

Brad Bird has worked with many people, however he currently works at Disney as a Director, Screen Writer and Artist. When he worked on the film ‘The Iron Giant’ I found his art work amazing because he drew so many different characters to add personality and to add to the story line. He shows a great variation in artwork as he draws the characters together to show the characters height as well as giving some of the characters certain characteristics to add to their personality. Some characters you can judge just by looking at them.

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The artwork above shows:

  1. Character Hogarth.
  2. Hogarth in big coat.
  3. Hogarth being intimidated.
  4. Character Forms.

As you can see Hogarth and his mother have quite soft/round faces; showing quite a delicate side to them whereas the more intimidating and angry characters such as Kent and Dean have sharp/square-like chins and shoulders. Also I like the little features that are added to characters such as Hogarth has big ears and a skinny body (quite child-like) whereas Dean has a well styled beard and wears a turtle neck shirt to express his artist style.

Pete Docter – Monsters Inc., Up

Pete Docter’s art style is very simple yet effective. He uses basic shapes to create a basic character outline. His very famous sketch of Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc. is one of the most simple drawings he has done but using his basic shapes you can tell how the character is developed to the final piece. The same with the artwork from Up; Docter used squares to create Carl Frederickson and in the final film his head was still square.I think that many of Pete Docter’s characters represent their personality.

Monsters Inc. Sully – Big (Scary), Broad Shoulders (Tough), Fur and Light Colours (Soft Side).

Monsters Inc. Mike – Round (Harmless), Horns (toughness), Thin arms and legs (Weak).

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Research Within  Games

The Vin Diesel Effect 

In one of my Games Design Lessons Paul Starkey (Games Design Tutor/Teacher) talked to us about character designs within games. He spoke to us about the way in which games will always have a strong tough character to represent a male and a very slim shaped character style to represent the women. Games can be quite stereotypical, some games more obvious than others. Many discuss the nature of the well-known Tomb Raider known as Lara Croft as over the years she has changed in each game.

Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

LaraCroft 001Lara Croft 002

As you can see from the images above Lara has had many changes from the details in her face, to the shape of her body and some of that is a problem that relates to the when the game was made due to computer programs that the company use and the low quality in graphics. The first Tomb Raider character was made in 1996 and the graphics had a very low poly count whereas now in the 2015 game she almost looks real.

NathanDrake 001.jpg

Nathan Drake – Uncharted Game Series

Nathan Drake’s first appearance was in the very first Uncharted game named ‘Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune’. Many people share an interest of a common debate between Lara Croft and Nathan Drake. The two characters are quite similar as they both look for famous artifacts, are very adventurous characters but the main issue is the way in which these characters are presented on screen.

People think that because of the way the characters have the ‘ideal/perfect’ body and the way in which the camera lets us see a full view of the body is a wrong move because it can upset people as they want to look like that and can be quite negative. Although some believe that’s a good thing because a game is supposed to let us be a different person (rather than being ourself) so that we can escape the reality in which we may be having trouble with. The only issue I have is the way in which the camera usually follows the characters behind; in Lara Crofts games the camera is centered all the time to be focused on her behind when either climbing a ledge or even moving the camera yourself.

Juliet 001.jpg

Juliet 002

Juliet – Lollipop Chainsaw

I had to use this character as an example as she is highly made to look very sexual. This character wears incredibly short skirts, has the typical, stereotype cheerleader body and she also makes sexual references throughout the game. There is a feature within this game that makes her look even more sexual; this feature is a wardrobe, you can choose her clothes. Her outfit styles are mostly all the same (apart from the bunny mascot costume) as you can see from the images above. To make matters worse some people even cosplay as Juliet so this can have an impact on others making them feel bad about the way they look.

Quick Examples of Character Diversity within Games

Zangief – Street Fighter

Zangief 001

Cortana – Halo Game Series

Cortana 001.jpg

Quiet – Metal Gear Solid

Quiet 001.jpg

Axel – Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts

Axel 001

Big Daddy – Bioshock

Big Daddy 001.jpg

The Hulk – The Hulk Game

Hulk 001.jpg





Creative Futures – Trident

About Trident

Trident is a global company that manages the many famous brands we see on a daily basis; Trident works with brands such as Unilever, Coca Cola, McDonalds, P&G, H&S and many more. The company has 22 locations worldwide including Toronto, Austraillia and even China.  The list below shows what services Trident provides for its customers and what each service can do:

  • Artwork Management – Creating, editing and manipulating designs. Most of the brand products need changing slightly as the weight or contents of the product may need changing for various products as well as the colour and most importantly the language.
  • Print and Colour – This department is very efficient as Trident like to make the final designs with amazing quality but also  taking into consideration the cost and consistancy of the print. Fact: Trident have over 2,000 printers around the world.
  • Quality Control – Checking over most of the work and having an understanding of what the file size should be, printing properties, quality of the artwork etc.
  • Zen – Online Workflow Management – Brand artwork and workflow management system ‘Zen’ is a part of the Trident Community. This sector improves the consistency and speed of the workflow within the marketing, quality of the products and work accuracy/quality. Trident and Zen work together to support all of the clients needs and make customers happy.
  • Sm.artcheck – Automated Artwork Checking – With Zen controlling the pace of workflow the Sm.artcheck checks the data containing font sizes, colours and positioning is applied correctly with no errors. Ensuring that nothing can go wrong and ruin any of the final product designs.
  • Sm.artwork – Future-Proof Artwork for Packaging and Ecommerce – A very innovated department looking towards the future to create even more products using a more creative technique. 3D and 4D techniques have been considered and Trident even have the opportunity to research augmented reality for advertising.
  • Brand Protection – Protecting the brands for the customers so that all work is original and not being used anywhere else (unless asked by customer). It is very important to consider brand protection for the customers as they know that they can put there work into the right hands.
  • Sm.artpack – Packaging Sample Creation – This sector gives clients the opportunity to preview their product. The client has the choice to look at the product from different perspectives using 3d digital imagery and spinning movies. This allows the client to have an early prototype for any other work they made require their product for.
  • Tooling – Rotogravure – A very unique printing system used to create some of the most amazing products using the methods of rotogravure and flexographic printing. Trident mainly supplies products to the printers in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
  • Tooling – Flexo – Produces plate material for printers in North America.

Tech Nation have a partnership wit Trident, providing them with great technology.

Below is some of the work produced by Trident.

Video Source:

Information Source:

Visit Link above for information on Trident.

Creative Futures – Bridge – Game Research

Travel in games is essential. Most games now feature what is known as ‘Fast Travel’ but first of all you need to have been explored most of the map to start fast travelling (so you don’t miss anything of the story), and second of all most people would rather travel than Fast Travel as they like to find new quests or just explore the world they are immersed in.

Game Examples:


In the Elder Scrolls game Skyrim you cross bridges a lot. Some look plain and simple whereas some are designed to make you wonder what will be past this bridge. When crossing bridges you usually come across new towns or see some traders and sometimes even enemies. At one bridge an enemy stops you and asks for money so that you can cross in which you have two options: fight or run.

Looking at the images below you can see a simple bridge in which people are fighting and a bridge with a dragon sculpture. The simple bridge is great for fighting as the player would rather focus on the fight rather than what the bridge looks like, whereas the bridge with the dragon detail is very attracting and makes the player believe there must be something interesting ahead.


Even though the first Bioshock game is set underwater the creators still managed to create a very structural city. Obviously with the game being underwater there had to be a way to travel from building to building and to do that they made underwater bridges. There was a lot of concept art for the bridges as it is one of the main environments that is used by the player. I’m a big fan of the game and the game is meant to be scary, I think that the bridges is one of the many ways the creators made the game scary. First of all the bridges are made of glass so you can sometimes see something move in the corner of your eye, it may be a reflection or it could be an enemy waiting to sneak upon you. Also with the bridges being made of glass the bridge has a chance to break; in one part of the game the bridge leaks and slowly collapses. And finally the bridges are quite gloomy, with the ocean beign quite a deep and dark place the bridge tends to be quite scary.

Tomb Raider

The Tomb Raider Game Series is incredibly popular and well-known. The game features a lot of climbing and figuring out how to reach certain places so there are many ways to get around. The original Tomb Raider games usually feature simple rope swings or monkey bars whereas the new Tomb Raider has collapsing bridges that take you to different areas and also you can still rope swing but you use your bow and arrow to do so. One feature I like is the use of the rope accelerator which allows you to climb a rope that you have created using your bow and arrow. There are many different ways of getting places in Tomb Raider even just crossing over a log but each time you use something such as a bridge or rope you have a very  big chance of falling as the bridges are very fragile as Lara Croft explores very fragile environments that haven’t been visited for years.

Real-life Examples:

The Golden Gate Bride

The Golden Gate bridge was open to the public in 1937 with a total spend of $35 Million to make it. It is one of the most well-known bridges and is located in San Francisco. The two towers that hold the bridge up are 746 feet tall and the cables that stretch across the bridge are an incredible 7000 feet long. The reason I am blogging about this bridge is because I really like how big this bridge is. In a game I think that a big bridge can intrigue the player to wonder across it as it puts emphasis on what is behind it.


Tower Bridge

Located in London this bridge offers people the chance to have a tour of the bridge and learn about its history, experience a walk across the top of the bridge which features a glass floor with a great view of London as well as watching the bridge lift. The bridge was built between 1886 and 1894 at 213 feet high.

Pont Du Gard

This arched Bridge is located in the South of France and is known for its large no. of arches. The bridge is an ancient Roman aqueduct and is 48.8m high. Its beautiful design looks amazing in the reflection from the Gardon River.


Bridges are essential in games as you need them to get to the next area and to continue the game. Some bridges don’t allow us to cross until we have completed a certain task and that encourages to complete that task as you may have a slight glimpse at what is up ahead. You don’t even have to go over the bridge, you can always go under to hide from enemies.


Creative Futures – Roof Space – Game Research

Throughout the evolution of games roof space may not be an environment space you think about straight away, however,  the roof in games is used quite often for many purposes therefore it is a design process that really needs to be considered.

Reasons to use a roof space and game examples:

  • Saints Row IV: Helicopter Pads.

In Saints Row Helipads are essential at the beginning of the game as throughout the game you gain super powers which allow you to almost fly but you get those powers later on so flying vehicles become very useful. As well as being very helpful in transport and battle the helipads are not just there to provide vehicles but they are there as a luxury and a matter of appearance. The Saints Row series is all about your reputation and how people see you, having a helipad shows that you have a lot of money.

Saints Row 001

  • Dead Island: Hiding from Zombies.

Dead Island 001

I don’t know if it is just me that does this but I use rooftops to hide from zombies. In Dead Island Zombies cannot, to my knowledge, climb ladders so using rooftops towards my advantage is very useful. You can use a range of weapons to attack them from far away and find useful resources in high up places.

  • Dying Light: Main Story.

Dying Light 001.jpg

Dying Light is a free-running/park-our which you fight and run from zombies. Throughout the game you climb up buildings and run across rooftops as well as fighting on the ground as well so most of the main story is set on the rooftops of an apocalyptic city.

  • Batman: Arkham Knight: Environment Atmosphere.

Batman 001.jpg

Throughout the Batman games series you spend a lot of time in a large variety of environment spaces. Medical Facilities, Botanical Gardens, The Batcave and many more, however, a lot of the time you spend travelling to these locations and you do this by gliding over the city. Although the Arkham Knight game introduced the Bat Mobile we still find side quests the require us to glide rather than drive. It’s one of my favourite rooftop environments as the cityscapes usually look all gloomy and dull but yet they still look beautiful and you feel the urge to explore the whole city.

  • The Amazing Spider man Game: Appearence.

Spiderman 002


Whilst playing The Amazing Spiderman game missions are separate from the free-roam world. Once you start a mission you have to either quit out of it or finish it to go back to the open world. If you’re a huge collectible fan then you will probably know that you see a lot of roof space whilst travelling and collecting items. The rooftops don’t really need to be detailed and most of them look a like but you don’t use the roof space much, you just see the roof space a lot.

  • Fallout 4: DIY, build your own roof space.

Fallout 001

Unlike the other games I have mentioned, Fallout 4 gives the player the chance to design their own space. As long as you have all of the resources that you need you can create whatever you like. Building can be quite complex especially as you don’t just build, you also trade resources with other settlements, wire electrics, supply water and defend. When creating a roof space you can use it for anything you want such as a chilled area in which enemies cannot attack, a defense post including turrets and gunners etc.

  • The Last of Us: Design, Atmosphere and Immersion.

In The Last of Us the environment is incredible. It is unlike any other game as other apocalyptic games show damage but The Last of Us shows more than human and zombie destruction; it also shows nature destruction. Plants are everywhere in The Last of Us environments and because other games don’t use environments like this we become so immersed in our surroundings.

Overall game environments are very important as we have a reason to be in that environment at that current time, whether it be saving the game, hiding from enemies or just exploring.

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