Role Playing Games are incredibly popular, most games feature Role-Playing. RPG’s are my favourite so I believe that it is a great way to be immersed within a game. An RPG (Role Playing Game) is when the player gets to play as a character in a game that goes on epic adventures, meets new people, fights enemies, explores new places and more; and to add to the list of opportunities you can also play online with other players or interact with an amazing storyline. Most games usually are better in one sector than the other for example ‘The Last of Us’ has been known for it’s amazing story but the gameplay hasn’t had the best of reviews whereas Skyrim has great gameplay but not a very long or good storyline.

Games with a Good Story

The Last of Us

The Last of Us 005

Known for its great storyline, The Last of Us has had so many good reviews. Released in 2013 by the Developers Naughty Dog the game was a smash hit. Below are just two of the great reviews:

Review 001Review 002

Also watch the Game Trailer here:

I have played some of the game and I must say it has such a good storyline mainly due to the way in which the characters interact. There are two main protagonists (Joel and Ellie).


The story starts with getting to know Joel. We find out that he has a daughter, but all of a sudden an apocalypse begins with people starting to go crazy (almost zombie-like). Unfortunatley Joel loses his daughter and the story moves on. We next see Joel with a new friend and to gain access to weapons they have a task to complete for a team called The Fireflies; this task is to take Ellie to the designated location and this is where the adventure begins. Throughout the game we see things happen to Ellie and Joel that scare us, make us happy, make us sad and make us angry, however, most of the game is a stealth game so I would also say that is a mechanic that adds to the storyline being more interesting. Also the game is well-known for its environment design. The first apocolyptic game to feature so many plants and wildlife. An example of this would be the finding of giraffes at a university.

Bioshock Infinite 

Bioshock Infinite 001.jpg

Another game released in 2013 which has such a crazy but good storyline. If you like games that make you think well this game will blow you mind. Although a lot people didn’t give it a chance considering Bioshock 1 & Bioshock 2 were quite repetitive the developers improved there game and made the story more interesting throughout. Even though there is a set storyline no one really knows some of the other little details that could either hint towards another game or reveal more of the story. Bioshock Infinite is clever in the way that it gives the player a chance to invent their own theory to the end of the game and as a community many people who liked this game came together to discuss how they feel the game makes sense.

From what I understand I believe that the game starts with you being in a rowing boat with two twins explaining to you your task. You stop near a lighthouse and in this lighthouse is a secret way of transportation into the city of Columbia (a floating city in the sky. See more here in my previous blog post: Once in this city you explore and continue your task which is to find a girl of the name Elizabeth and bring her back. At the end of the game you find out that elizabeth is really your daughter from an alternate universe kind of. I say kind of because within this game there are so many universes. Within one part of the game elizabeth explains it as there are constants and variables (constants which are events that happen in every world and variables which are events that can have multiple outcomes). As an example throughout the game series the environment consists of a unique environment such as underwater and Columbia in the sky also you have the antagonist that is really a protagonist in this case a Big Daddy or Songbird and then you have Booker and Jack, multiple Elizabeth’s and the main antagonist. Same events but different outcomes. Elizabeth “You. Me. Songbird. Columbia. Sometimes things are different, yet the same.”

Watch this video for a more in depth description and be careful it contains a lot of spoilers.


Bioshock Infinite 003Bioshock Infinite 002










Bioshock Infinite 005

Bioshock Infinite 004





Bioshock Infinite 007Bioshock Infinite 006

Games with Good Gameplay (controls – character or vehicle)

Far Cry 3

Far Cry 001.jpg

The story for Far Cry 3 is quite repetitive, however, it is known for it’s bad guy as many people really liked Vaas. I really like the gameplay as the character is easy to control and so are all of the vehicles. Having a wide range of vehicles is great and later on in the game you get a flying suit which is a huge life saver. My favourite method of transportation is the hang glider as it is easy to control and you can travel quite far quite quickly, although it takes a while to get the hang of landing the vehicle I finally managed.

The controls are  basic and by basic I mean they are controls you would already assume; for example (If playing via Xbox) most games consider ‘B’ as Crouch, ‘A’ as Jump and ‘X’ as Reload, these are the controls Far Cry 3 uses. I also like the way in which the Far Cry game series keeps the controls consistent throughout.

Tony Hawk Games (Pro Skater 2)

Tony Hawk 001.jpg

All of the Tony Hawk games are great and you either learn all of the tricks or button bash; either way the game is still fun. Anyone new to the game can learn how to play within 5 mins of gameplay as it is that easy. that is why the game is called pro skater (the more you play the better you get). Tony Hawk has got 15 skateboarding games (not including remakes) and the more popular they got the better as he even got to feature celebrity friends such as Bam Margera, the game series has lasted between 1999 and 2015. I love the game as you could free roam, do missions and complete challenges. The customization was great but overall the controls are so simplistic and I love that.

Games with Good User Interface

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