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Final Major Project – Asset Research

For my final project, I have decided to make a bedroom diorama. I’m making the bedroom as if it was mine, not in the sense that I am making a dream bedroom but the layout will be a games designers room with assets that are similar to what me and my classmates would own. Below are some research images that I have found that might be useful when designing assets for the room.

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Above: Research on teenager/gamer rooms.


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Above: Room Asset Research.

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Above: My Room Research

Overall I am thinking of using grey, black and white to colour the main room assets such as bed frame, wardrobe and drawers whereas it will be the miscellaneous objects that make the room colourful.

Main Asset List

  • Bed
  • Desk
  • Sofa
  • Television
  • Television Unit
  • Stool/Chair
  • Storage Chest
  • Shelves
  • Lamps

Optional Asset List

  • Gaming Merchandise (e.g. statues, figures, replicas, plush toys etc.)
  • Gaming Consoles (e.g. Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo etc.)
  • Posters (e.g. movie poster, music icon poster, signed poster, video game poster etc.)
  • Stationary (pencils, pens, ruler, rubber, pencil case, paint, paint brushes etc.)
  • Other technology (mobile phone, tablet, computer, drawing tablet, headphones, speakers etc.)
  • Clothing (shoes, clean pile of clothes, laundry basket, clothes draped on chair, clothes hung on other objects, clothes on floor etc.)



Final Major Project – Theme Ideas

Below is a list of themes that I want to explore before choosing a final design idea for my diorama. Beneath each theme, there are scenarios that are suitable for that scene as well as a list of games/films/books that I could look at for inspiration.



  • Crime scene.
  • Night Time.
  • Early Morning.
  • Car Crash.
  • City in the sky. (Other cities in the background floating).
  • Super Hero Battle.

Game/Film/Books/Environments Inspirations

  • Bioshock Infinite (Game)
  • Grand Theft Auto (Game)
  • Life is Strange (Game)
  • Fallout (Game)
  • WatchDogs (Game)
  • Payday (Game)
  • Batman: Arkham (Game Series)
  • Murdered Soul Suspect (Game)
  • Prototype (Game)
  • I.P.D (Film)
  • The Avengers (Film)
  • Captain America (Film)
  • Iron Man (Film)
  • Gotham (TV Series)
  • The Walking Dead (TV Series)



  • Vehicle parts everywhere but no vehicle.
  • A vehicle with bullet holes.
  • A vehicle being built/re-built.
  • Vehicle buried underneath belongings.
  • Old race vehicle dusty, trophies and posters covered in dust.
  • Garage used as a social area.

Game/Film/Book/Environments Inspirations

  • Life is Strange (Game)
  • Grand Theft Auto (Game)
  • Need for Speed (Game)
  • Fallout (Game)
  • Looney Tunes: Back in Action (Films)

Theme Park


  • Isolated and abandoned.
  • Working theme park.
  • Video Game inspired theme park.
  • Futuristic theme park.

Game/Film/Book/Environments Inspirations

  • Sam and Max Hit the Road (Game)
  • Medievil (Game)
  • Left 4 Dead 2 (Game)
  • Bioshock infinite (Game)
  • The park (Game)
  • Carnival Games (Game)
  • Batman Arkham Knight DLC (Game)
  • Grand Theft Auto (Game)
  • Zombieland (Film)



  • (Showing signs of people living there).
  • (Showing signs of damage from a wild animal).
  • Secret government base hidden within the snow.
  • Lonely cabin.

Game/Film/Book/Environments Inspirations

  • The Thing (Film)
  • The X Files (TV Series and Film)
  • Tomb Raider: Legend (Game)
  • Uncharted 2 (Game)
  • Crash Bandicoot (Game)
  • Star Wars Battlefront (Game)
  • Star Wars (Film)
  • Skyrim (Game)
  • Harry Potter (Books)
  • The Polar Express (Book and Film)
  • Elf (Film)
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (Film)



  • Equipment left from stranded people, skeleton remains on the floor.
  • Broken down campervan.
  • Animal living space.
  • Secret area 51 base.

Game/Film/Book/Environments Inspiration

  • 127 Hours (Film and True Story)
  • Bear Grylls: Man VS Wild, Extreme Desert (TV Documentary)
  • The Hills Have Eyes (Film)
  • The Mummy (Film)
  • Mad Max (Film)
  • Fallout: New Vegas (Game)
  • Jak 3 (Game)



  • The aftermath of a festival.
  • Festival setting up.
  • Car/bench on a hill with a festival in the distance.
  • Carnival at the festival, festival tents, stages etc.

Game/Film/Book/Environments Inspiration

  • Download Festival. (Environment)
  • Isle of Wight Festival. (Environment)
  • (Environment)
  • O2 Arena. (Environment)
  • Sheffield Arena (Environment)
  • Leeds First Direct Arena (Environment)
  • Hellfest (Environment)
  • Monsters of Rock (Environment)
  • MetalFest (Environment)
  • Rock Hard Festival (Environment)



  • Packing/unpacking a room. Boxes everywhere, messy space, assets placed randomly around the room.
  • Messy teenager room.
  • Themed room. Superhero bedroom, princess bedroom, office-like bedroom etc.
  • Decorating the bedroom. Paint cans, covered furniture, items covered in paint.

Game/Film/Book/Environments Inspiration

  • The Sims (Game)
  • Animal Crossing (Game)
  • Grand Theft Auto (Game)
  • Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant (Game)
  • Life is Strange (Game)
  • Gone Home (Game)
  • Watchdogs (Game)
  • Prey (Game)
  • Tomb Raider: Legend (Game)
  • Atypical (TV Series)
  • Stranger Things (TV Series)
  • Black Mirror (TV Series)
  • Video Game High School (TV Series)
  • Ready Player One (Book)

Final Major Project – Diorama Research

For the third and final year of my university course, I have the task of making a Final Major Project to present at the Hull School of Art & Design degree show. If you want to know more about my project please read my previous post ‘Final Major Project Proposal’. Follow this link: (

Throughout my proposal I have a range of ideas for my project; the final idea chosen was idea 3, creating 2 dioramas. Having the idea in my head was just the first step, the second step was looking for inspiration, art styles and similar works so I can get an idea of what I want the end result to look like. I created a Pinterest account and looked for a lot of images on there as many artists post their work so that it can be shared with the world. Below are some of the boards I created.

I also have some slideshows that show the images I have looked at mostly for this project, as well as some images I have shown individually as they are the main inspiration towards my work.

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Here are some other dioramas that I really liked, some of them are just so creative.


I pinned this one as I like the way they have used an object to place their environment inside. Depending on the theme I choose I could have many ideas just from this one image such as having a library hidden inside a book, a video game within a console or even a garden in the base of a vase.


When I first saw this image it made me think that I don’t need all four walls for an inside environment. Simple using a backdrop, photograph or even a 360 material (similar to what is used via the sketchfab website).


And finally this diorama I liked because of the size. Even though I am making the diorama in 3D on the computer, I still have to consider the size of it. The final diorama could end up in a scene with a real-world object next to it to show the size (similar in the way that this one has someone holding it to demonstrate the size).

Final Major Project – Project Proposal

Now that I am in my final year, I am required to work more independently.  As a third-year student, I am to create a final major project to present to the public at the end of year degree show. This project can be anything (as long as it is games design related). I am to take my skills from my previous years and use those skills in this final year as well as learn new skills on my own. Everyone will have a different final major project as we all decide which part of the games industry we are interested in and make our project as if we worked in that department. For example, I aim to be an environment/prop artist so I would be making some sort of 3D environment, whereas someone else could be more interested in coding/blueprint and only use basic shapes to create a working prototype of a game.

Already I am speaking to industry professionals for advice and have also taken part in a game jam and summer school throughout the summer holidays. My aim is to improve the quality and quantity of my work as last year I had a few setbacks happen from home in which I struggled to focus, however, I now know that I must progress through work even when times get tough. I also want to boost my confidence this year as sometimes I do not like to share work of mine that I do not like because I feel like it isn’t good enough or that it is unfinished; the only way to get feedback is to share my work with others and that is why I have created a Sketchfab Account (which is in progress).

We are to engage critically with an appropriate topic in relation to the subject area that interests us as well as provide documentation of our proposals, design processes, results, and evaluations. The brief requires us to show a sense of independence as we are to use all of our skills that we have learned in the previous years. I have a few ideas and would to like to share them with you.

Idea 1 – As I was working in year 2 on the website sketchfab, I realised that you could create a fully 3D environment and then have assets within that environment that would be labeled. When these labels are clicked on the camera will then zoom in on the asset and reveal more information. I then thought about our first year of games design and remembered that Gareth and Paul showed us a video of a 3D environment that was built to tell a story. I would like to do this via either video or sketchfab with my own environment that also tells a story just by the type of environment and the placement of assets. For this idea I had a few environments in mind (as seen below):

  • A game design studio, telling a story of what it is like to be a games designer and having little assets at desks that show our personality.
  • A family house, showing what everyday family lifestyles are like. Bills on the table, toys everywhere and chores needing to be done.
  • An abandoned theme park, showing what once brought people lots of happiness has now changed to a miserable and lonely setting.

Idea 2 – Creating a 3D area in which the player can walk around and explore, possibly even interact with a few items. Also having at least one character animated and basically having the end result of an immersive environment. Having a busy environment that people can walk around rather than just watching a video can make it so much more immersive. I have thought about making a crime scene area as that can tell a story but in order, so the player must explore the environment to understand the story behind it.

Idea 3 – This is my favourite idea. I want to create two small diorama environments; they will not be big as I am on a time limit, however, one will be a cartoon based environment and the other will be more realistic. This is so that I can show that I can model and texture both realistic and cartoon art styles. The diorama won’t be big, it will just be a small platform with a few props and assets on it and hopefully a character. The character will only make small gestures when keys are pressed or if idle and I just wanted to incorporate this so that people would be drawn to the environment. People love characters, especially cute ones, as they can give them a sense of ownership.


I like idea 3 the most because it shows my skill-sets are varied and that if I went into the games design industry I would have more to offer them. I want to stay away from most blueprint, however, I do want to try and have a title screen and the characters making basic gestures. Below are some images of art styles that interested me for both cartoon and realism.


Yooka Laylee, 2017


Crash Bandicoot – Warped, 1998


Spyro the Dragon, 1998


Coraline, 2009


Marek Denko, Her Eventual Hesitation, 2016


Finlay Pearston, Robbed Vault


Marvin Tischler, The Door


Richard Van Brunschot, Tommy’s Room


Edmund Aubrey, Against All Odds – Inertia Game


Image 001 – Yooka & Laylee Characters:

Image 002 – Yooka Laylee Environment:–Yooka-Laylee-is-a-Rare-Slice-of-Platforming-Nirvana.html

Image 003 – Crash Bandicoot Character:

Image 004 – Crash Bandicoot Warped Environment:

Image 005 – Spyro the Dragon Character:

Image 006 – Spyro the Dragon Environment:

Image 007 – Coroline Character:

Image 008 – Coroline Environment:

Image 009 – Marek Denko, Her Eventual Hesitation –

Image 010 – Finlay Pearston, Robbed Vault –

Image 011 – Marvin Tischler, The Door –

Image 012 – Richard Van Brunschot, Tommy’s Room –

Image 013 – Edmund Aubrey, Against All Odds – Inertia Game Studio:


Game Theory – 1.1 – What Makes Games Interesting?

There are many reasons why we play games from design to mechanics. Below I explore what makes game interesting (in both digital and non-digital context) looking at environments, characters, story lines, graphics, game mechanics and popular game franchises.

Story lines

A lot of games are well known for their story lines, characters and environments can impact the story, however I believe it is the game mechanic ‘Ownership’ that makes us feel the way we feel when playing video games.

The Last of Us

Image result for The Last of Us banner image

Image Source:

This game is incredibly well-known for its intense story line, incredible environments and immersive interactivity. In 2014 the game won a BAFTA games award for the story along with many other awards including awards for audio, performance and best game of the year. The story is intense and features many sections to get your heart racing which may include jump scares and dark/spooky environments. The game is fun, however I believe we don’t play it for fun; I believe that we play it to find out more and more of the story as we go along (purely for curiosity) and to see the relationship of both characters grow. Most recent games are almost always featuring a companion which also adds to the story as you get to know them along your journey and then something intense/dramatic will happen therefore affecting the players feelings.

The Bioshock Game Series

Image result for bioshock infinite banner

Image Source:

This game series is very consistent, I do find that the game can be boring when doing repetitive fetch quests, however, when the quest links more towards the main story line it gets rather interesting as the game is clever in which you can depict what is actually happening; by this I mean the game is so confusing that there are many ways that you can depict the ending and even parts of the story. Some of the story line has been set in stone, but the games complexity is what makes it so interesting. I have played Bioshock Infinite about 3 times now just so I can understand and wrap my head around the main story line, I’ve even looked at the DLC’s in relation to how they fit into the main story line. Most of the game mechanics stay the same, the only thing that technically changes is the constants and variables which is explained in the main game. “There is always a lighthouse, there is always a man, there is always a city” – Elizabeth states within the main story of Bioshock Infinite, the first Bioshock features an underwater city (Rapture) and a man (Jack) and the lighthouse (portal to infinite universe i.e. a tear via the luteuce device.

Assassin’s Creed

Image result for assassin's creed banner

Image Source:

This game series is again known for many great game aspects, however I think the story lines for these games are amazing as they teach us about history and what it was like in that sort of time era. Most of the games feature a character called Ezio and throughout the game series we grow attached to him and other characters which then affect the story line and also our feelings. The story lines are very interesting and there are also many fetch quests, however these fetch quests (unlike other games) are not boring as you still get to free roam around the city with amazing free-running and parkour mechanics as well as beautiful landscapes to view.


LA Noire

Image result for la noire banner

Image Source:–noire:-the-complete-edition.html

Within this game you play as a detective called Cole Phelps who has just recently joined the Los Angeles Police Department. Although he isn’t a well-known or iconic character such as Mario or Sonic I chose to write about him because his character is unique as we feel the way he feels throughout the story and we watch him grow as a character as you rise through the ranks of the police department. Phelps goes from Patrol Officer to Detective to homicide to vice to then get demoted to arson after a series of events happenend to then unfortunately lead to his death. As well as seeing how his work life is going we also get a glimpse of his home life and we do feel sorry for him at most of times. Also to gain more interest in the game we also have a companion with each promotion. The companions all have different personalities so it gives us a chance to like and hate (as well as having the usual enemies/suspects).

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Image result for murdered soul suspect banner

Image Source:

Again another detective game in which the main aim is to uncover the mysteries about the deaths of characters. When the detective gets close to uncovering the mystery of the serial killer known as ‘The Bell Killer’ he gets attacked and pushed out the window by the killer. Ronan (the main protagonist) dies and turns into a ghost, he is then informed by his wife (who was already dead) that to rejoin her in the afterlife he needs to solve the case of ‘The Bell Killer’. The story line is good, however it has been said to be the only good thing about the game. I have played it and I do admit it would be hard to replay it as it would be very boring because you know all the mysteries that have been solved  also when in trouble or around enemies you can only really run away. It could have been better if they worked longer on the game or made it today with the technology we have in which we can program AI to learn from your mistakes as well as randomly generate the levels.

Skyrim, Fallout, Saints Row, Grand Theft Auto etc.

Image result for skyrim banner

Image Source:

Image result for Fallout banner

Image Source:

Image result for Saints row banner

Image Source:

Image result for grand theft auto banner

Image Source:

All of the above games feature character customization and character development/progression. I am a really big fan of games like this because designing your character is so much fun; you can make it look like you, make it look like a celebrity or even make it look really creepy and alien-like. When playing as a character you have created you feel a lot more involved and when looking at Grand Theft Auto and the Elder Scrolls we get to see other players character creations online as well as show off our own. I also find that with games like this we enjoy it more as when the main story line is over we still have the chance to unlock items and customize. Character progression is great as it keeps the players so interested and when we have great story lines, great characters and large, immersive environments like all of the games above we find ourselves within a state of flow.


Rise of the Tomb Raider 

Image result for rise of the Tomb Raider banner

Image Source:

When the new Tomb Raider games were announced I became quite worried just like many others as most people prefer for good games to stay in their original state, however, the outcome of these games is truly amazing as Lara is looking more realistic, the story reveals more about how she became the Tomb Raider she is and most of all the environments are so immersive. I like the environments in this as the detail is incredible. If there is snow Lara walks slower the thicker it gets, shivers when shes cold and leaves footprints therefore we feel more immersed when playing the game as seeing her reaction to the weather and we actually understand the difficulties she must be facing. When in water her hair and clothes get wet and again we get reactions from her when she enters cold water. As well as the environment affecting Lara, the environment itself gets affected in many ways; paths crumble and the environment can be quite interactive such as smashing walls down, discovering murals and walking into death traps.

Resident Evil 7

Image result for resident evil 7 banner

Image Source:

This game has only just come out and I am already amazed by the environment. The graphics are in so much detail from a completely realistic human to centipedes that are so real you don’t want to go near them. Obviously I don’t know too much as the game has only just been released but I know the environment puts the player on edge at all times (as it is a horror game) and the environments are quite enclosed as the player is restricted to tight, confined and scary spaces. They have really put a lot of thought into making this game because they have considered every little detail. One of the main NPC’s named ‘Mia’ is incredibly detailed and I actually questioned if the start up was live action or not as she looks so real.

 Spyro the Dragon

Image result for spyro the dragon banner

Image Source:–6

Graphics aren’t always the most important. The 1998 Spyro the Dragon game had such an amazing environment which was great for exploring. When looking for inspiration for my game I looked at Spyro the Dragon because the environment is quite free roam and you have a range of levels and area hubs to explore. There are many themed levels which makes the game even more interesting. Compared to other games I feel like it is very simplistic; I’m not sure if that is because of the time era it was made in or if that is the way in which they decided to go for making the game but simplicity really made the game quite fun to charge around.

Non-Digital Games


Image result for Monopoly banner

Image Source:

Monopoly, now known as the game that tears families apart. The game was and still is popular but no one can finish the game as it takes too long to complete and most people are arguing within the first ten minutes. The game is now popular due to the many special releases they have made such as:

  • Monopoly Token Madness.
  • Monopoly: Ultimate Banking Edition.
  • Monopoly Junior Game.
  • Monopoly.
  • Monopoly: Star Wars.
  • Monopoly Empire.
  • Monopoly Junior: Disney/Pixar Finding Dory Edition.
  • Monopoly Junior: Yo-Kai Watch Edition.
  • Monopoly Jackpot.
  • Monopoly: Angry Birds.
  • Monopoly: Disney Princess Edition.
  • Monopoly: Despicable Me 2.
  • Monopoly Junior: Frozen Edition.
  • Monopoly Junior: Disney Sofia the First Edition.
  • Monopoly Grab and Go Game.

and those games above are just the ones from the Hasbro website, here is a link to another site which shows all Monopoly Releases (some may be digital).

The game is now mainly bought as a collectible item and can be sold for incredible amounts of money. As a Games Design student who is a fan of Fallout 4 I am interested in the Fallout version of monopoly and I also have the disney version, whereas people with other interests such as Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad can pick up a monopoly set thatt they can enjoy.

Dungeons & Dragons

Image result for dungeons and dragons banner

Image Source:

This game is very popular and brings many people together. You can create and enjoy many stories as well as read about stories told by fantasy authors. One person is known as ‘The Dungeon Master’ and they control most of the story (they are almost like a narrator), the others play the game by rolling dice to depict parts of the story and aspects of their character as well as actions they might take throughout the game. The game is great for improving imagination and becoming a creative. However there are some issues; even though the game might be quite good to play many people don’t give it chance as it can be seen as ‘unpopular’.


Image result for charades banner

Image Source:

I chose to write about this game as it is something that can be played without technology, without a board and even without words. The game requires one person to act out actions so that the other people playing can guess what the word is e.g. if the subject was ‘The Little Mermaid’ the person acting would make little actions then act like a mermaid and the other would have to guess. At the beginning of the action the audience are told how many words it is and also what type of media it is. As simple as this game is (not needing anything at all but players to play the game) people have still made it digital. The digital version is called heads up and the bonus with this game is that it records the players actions and scores points.

My Favorite Games 

Fallout 4

Image result for fallout 4 banner

Image Source:

I really like this game and I was in such a state of flow that I just ignored every other game I had until I had explored everything I could within the game. The game gives us the option to have a companion and we also get a choice of companion in which they all have their own unique personalities and abilities they give us when we achieve 100% happiness within the relationship. The map is rather large as well and even when you attempt to uncover the whole thing you still uncover more. There are many weapons and weapon modifications as well as modifications to armor and your own power armor suit. The environment is amazing and very different to see and that goes with Fallout 3 as well as Fallout New Vegas.

Abe Game Series (Oddysee, Exoddus and New ‘N’ Tasty)

Image result for abe's oddysee banner

Image Source:

The game series that got me so interested in becoming a gamer but also scared the life out of me as a child. The original game was so good in its time and so good now that they have decided to remake it, also there will be another Abe game being released soon which has a new story line so fans are incredibly pleased. The game is fun to play as you have to take many risks, be patient and have a childish sense of humor as the game features very informal wordplay, funny but brutal deaths and a Mudokken full of gas. I really like the transformation the game made from Oddysee to Exoddus as you can see the improvements that were made were the improvements we wanted e.g. speaking to more than one mudokken at a time and having mudokken’s with feelings.

Rayman (The Original)

Image result for rayman banner original

Image Source:

I really like the original Rayman which was released on PlayStation 1 for its 2D aspect and its difficulty. I tried to recall playing the game as a child and all I could think about was the first level set and then I recently played it again and remembered that as a child I could never get past those levels and still to this day I find the game intense and difficult. The game has some characters but little detail about them. Usually the NPC’s are usually in danger or in need of help. Also the game is all text and Rayman is mute apart from grunts and little noises.


Interactive Environments and Level Design – Asset List

  • Lamp Post
  • Carts
  • Bikes
  • Rubbish/Litter
  • Bins
  • Signs
  • Sandwich Board
  • Manure
  • Hay Bales
  • Show Shiner
  • Post Box
  • Coal Guy
  • Telephone Box
  • Pigeons
  • Seagulls
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • People
  • Street Sweeper
  • Debris
  • Guy in box selling papers
  • Chestnut cart
  • Homeless
  • Benches
  • Information Board
  • Street Vendors
  • Sewer Grates
  • Pot Holes
  • Manhole Covers
  • Kids Playing
  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Trees
  • Cleaners
  • Buckets
  • Barrels

Interactive Environments and Level Design – Group Meeting

Topic of Discussion – Assets

Asset List on Basecamp

Ridiculous Quests (Also Known as ‘Fetch Quests’

Character – Historical Researcher

Game Mechanics

  • Discovery
  • Reward
  • Achievement


Interactive Environments and Level Design – Lesson Notes

‘A modular environment is an environment built out of reusable textures and models.’

Texture Atlas?

Using vertex colours – painting/tint geometry.

Use vertex materials for damage

[Theory: Efficient planning for modular environments]

Separate textures – major, minor, decals

Vertex Blending?

Floating plane with alpha map

Light maps?

PBR Workflow (Physically Based Rendering)

Video 1 – Texture Maps Explained – PBR Workflow (Physically Based Rendering).

  • First image (texture cube) features a base colour, metallic, roughness, normal, height and ambient occlusion.
  • Base Colour/Albedo/Diffuse – The literal colour of areas on a given space of your textures.
  • Cube without base colour is just white.
  • Metallic – The ability of your surface to reflect the imagery around it.
  • If material is not too reflective (brick) the metallic map will be black and if it is reflective it will be white. Can adjust values in Unreal Engine.
  • Roughness – The ability of your surface to reflect or absorb white light.
  • White = Rough Black = Smooth
  • Normals – Determines the illusion of depth and features.
  • Height – The fake depth or height of areas on your map. (Bump)
  • Parallax Illusion?
  • Ambient Occlusion – Determines which areas are inherently darkened to simulate shadows. (Not essential).

Video 2 – Creating a PBR texture for Unreal Engine 4 in GIMP

Interactive Environments and level Design – Ideas List

Heritage Project


  • Action
  • Text Based
  • Shooter
  • Educational
  • Action Adventure
  • Adventure
  • Driving
  • Role Playing
  • Multiplayer
  • Fantasy
  • Strategy
  • Puzzle
  • War Game

People (Sterotypes/job roles)

  • Elderly
  • Office Worker
  • Shop Keeper
  • Performer
  • Thief
  • Tourist
  • Mayor
  • Fisherman
  • Reporter
  • Artist
  • Doctor
  • Trader
  • Drunk
  • Privileged Class
  • Gate Keeper
  • Tram Workers
  • Fortune Teller
  • Children
  • Beggar
  • Police
  • Firemen


  • Maritime Museum
  • Princes Quay
  • Jewelers
  • Punch Hotel
  • Hull City Hall
  • Prudential Tower
  • Banks?
  • Empty Building
  • Cafe Nero


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