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Final Major Project – Asset Research

For my final project, I have decided to make a bedroom diorama. I’m making the bedroom as if it was mine, not in the sense that I am making a dream bedroom but the layout will be a games designers room with assets that are similar to what me and my classmates would own. Below are some research images that I have found that might be useful when designing assets for the room.

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Above: Research on teenager/gamer rooms.


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Above: Room Asset Research.

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Above: My Room Research

Overall I am thinking of using grey, black and white to colour the main room assets such as bed frame, wardrobe and drawers whereas it will be the miscellaneous objects that make the room colourful.

Main Asset List

  • Bed
  • Desk
  • Sofa
  • Television
  • Television Unit
  • Stool/Chair
  • Storage Chest
  • Shelves
  • Lamps

Optional Asset List

  • Gaming Merchandise (e.g. statues, figures, replicas, plush toys etc.)
  • Gaming Consoles (e.g. Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo etc.)
  • Posters (e.g. movie poster, music icon poster, signed poster, video game poster etc.)
  • Stationary (pencils, pens, ruler, rubber, pencil case, paint, paint brushes etc.)
  • Other technology (mobile phone, tablet, computer, drawing tablet, headphones, speakers etc.)
  • Clothing (shoes, clean pile of clothes, laundry basket, clothes draped on chair, clothes hung on other objects, clothes on floor etc.)



Final Major Project – Diorama Research

For the third and final year of my university course, I have the task of making a Final Major Project to present at the Hull School of Art & Design degree show. If you want to know more about my project please read my previous post ‘Final Major Project Proposal’. Follow this link: (

Throughout my proposal I have a range of ideas for my project; the final idea chosen was idea 3, creating 2 dioramas. Having the idea in my head was just the first step, the second step was looking for inspiration, art styles and similar works so I can get an idea of what I want the end result to look like. I created a Pinterest account and looked for a lot of images on there as many artists post their work so that it can be shared with the world. Below are some of the boards I created.

I also have some slideshows that show the images I have looked at mostly for this project, as well as some images I have shown individually as they are the main inspiration towards my work.

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Here are some other dioramas that I really liked, some of them are just so creative.


I pinned this one as I like the way they have used an object to place their environment inside. Depending on the theme I choose I could have many ideas just from this one image such as having a library hidden inside a book, a video game within a console or even a garden in the base of a vase.


When I first saw this image it made me think that I don’t need all four walls for an inside environment. Simple using a backdrop, photograph or even a 360 material (similar to what is used via the sketchfab website).


And finally this diorama I liked because of the size. Even though I am making the diorama in 3D on the computer, I still have to consider the size of it. The final diorama could end up in a scene with a real-world object next to it to show the size (similar in the way that this one has someone holding it to demonstrate the size).

Games Design – Wind in the Willows Spider Diagram

Today in Class we focused on Task ‘E’ and ‘F’. This module is about RPG’s (Role Playing Games) and we are to start a design process that is based around a storybook in which we picked randomly out of a box. My Storybook is ‘The Wind in the Willows’; I’m quite happy to have this book as I am quite familiar about the storyline and the characters, also as soon as I knew what book it was that I got lots of ideas popped to mind. The brief wants us to look at all aspects that would be in a game and use them in our design process of creating the game towards our random book. I’m looking forward to putting a twist on The Wind in the Willows as I have a few ideas on the environment possibilities as well as how the characters can fit into those environments, on the other hand I intend to keep some of the storyline the same and also the character personalities.

First of all I have created a spider-diagram from my current knowledge of the book and also some information from online websites and reviews. As I need to read the book again to gain more knowledge I will create a post soon that shows my research from the original book by Kenneth Grahame.Spider-Diagram.jpg

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In this spider-diagram my research shows 3 categories. Characters and their Traits, Environments and finally Existing Works/Adaptations. Below shows a list of what will be staying the same and what will be changing.


Staying the Same

The Characters Personalities

The Type of Animal

Altered Slightly

The Story


The Environment

The Characters Looks

Vehicles and Objects


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