Perspective Drawing is quite new to me as I have always drawn everything free-hand, however once I started to draw using perspective it really helped me to understand how 3D objects should actually look.

Perspective 005

  1. Here is my first attempt (Image above). Gareth taught us this method so that we could create buildings or crates; I like this technique because if you always draw this step by step and get it right the box created will always be even, however I found it quite difficult to understand how to get the shape and the size of the box that I wanted; therefore I attempted more.

Perspective 0062. Here I tried to create a bigger (less slim) building sort of shape. The black pen was my first try, however I wanted to try a different view so I used the red pen to try and get a larger and lower perspective. Unfortunately I made some mistakes in doing this so I tried again.

Perspective 004

3. This try was okay but I still was looking for a shape that resembled the average building. The more and more I repeated this technique the more I learnt. At this stage I knew I was getting closer to the shape I was looking for.

Perspective 003

4. This attempt was much better, as I managed to create more of a cube rather than a really thin top and a really large base such as the previous one.

Perspective 007

5. Finally I am really pleased with how this attempt went as it is in the shape of an average building, however you can see the use of perspective in this as seen in the image below.Prespective Building 001

6. As I liked my final design I decided to take it into photoshop and turn the cube into an actual building to show my intentions.

Perspective 001

7. I like this sort of perspective, however, I feel that my house and fences look quite flat. If I was to improve this I would attempt making everything a bit more 3D as the reason for perspective is to make your work more realistic and 3D.

Perspective 002

8. This method is similar to the previous (no. 7) however, instead of drawing objects on the side I decided to draw a road going into the distance from the bottom. This isn’t my favourite method as I think that the road disappears too quickly. It would look better with a wider road and more detail.