The games company ‘Oddworld Inhabitants’ created ‘Abe’s Oddysee’ in 1997 on the PlayStation One console. Because of the technology at that current time, the game graphics quality may not be up to standards, however, Oddworld Inhabitants main goal was to be one of the first games to create a 3D platform game atmosphere. Even though you could only move left and right from different screens you still had that 3D aspect coming from the character style as well as the environment art. To create this 3D effect one of the methods included using what is known as the ‘Parallax Scrolling Effect’; this basically creates a 3D atmosphere using camera techniques. To create this effect the game is made up of the foreground, mid-ground and background. The background camera pans really slow and the images in the foreground move faster than the camera at the back which therefore creates an illusion of depth in a 2D format.

I like his work because it’s unusual, creative and quite realistic. Also in this concept art here he has looked at the character from different perspectives. You can also see his work progressing from 2D sketches to the final 3D piece/form. The character he has created here you can tell is made from a metal and using water colours and pastel Varahramyan has the use of texture, 3D form and detail in his work.

The main reason I am a fan of his digital character designs is because in 1997 artists had to use different technology to create digital art, also the process of creating the game ‘Abe’s Oddysee’ started in 1955 whereas the game was actually released in 1997; so a lot of hard work was put into creating this amazing game. Lorne Lanning (co-founder of Oddworld Inhabitants) explained “We went through much iteration, and continued to change the design until the look of the characters emoted the feelings we wanted to communicate” (quote from ).

Abe 1

Artist:   Farzad Varahramyan


Farzad Varahramyan didn’t play as big a part in ‘New n Tasty’ as much as he did in ‘Abe’s Oddysee’ and ‘Abe’s Exoddus’, however, he still did a few pieces of concept art towards the new game. Here is one of his pieces of work all in black and white (bottom left image). You can see how much his work has improved since the release of the first of the Oddworld series. His work is more detailed now and more complex as well as looking more realistic and 3D.

The image on the right is from the Alien vs Predator game; a piece of digital artwork done by Varahramyan. This digital work is very interesting as the whole canvas is used so when you look at it your eyes are guided around the whole image by the use of artwork. Even though it’s in black and white you can still see the detail as a lot of tone and contrast is being used.

Abe 2Alien vs Predator