Part 1 – Discuss game interaction within society. E.g. Harry Potter tour, people had tours using tech devices and headphones. Research into levels.

Part 2 – Teamwork – Heritage Project – Split into games design sectors. Research what makes games interesting and history of area. Go to museums and history center etc.

  • Research, presentation sheets/portfolio of all findings via interim presentations, group meeting, shared project management resources and creative blogs.
  • Use the Oculus Rift if possible but also make a secondary output.
  • If you don’t want to use your blog you can create a professional project design document which is expected to be professionally printed and bound, should be 100 pages plus.
  • Paul will manage first Semester.
  • Teams to be split equally. Not joining via friendships. Learn to manage the project, no complaining.
  • Don’t just consider the environment, consider people, vehicles, animals.
  • – Games Designer.
  • Ask 3rd years for advice.

1930’s Queen Victoria Square

1642 Beverly Gate

Games Design Sectors – Research, 3D, Game Engine.

Maritime Museum, Barclay’s Bank, Empty Building/used for music sessions, Cafe Nero, Princes Quay, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull City Hall, Statues.