The game theory online brief via the New Media site is very easy to read and understand, however part 2 section 2.4 just says ‘Easter Egg (TBA)’. Today we found out what the easter egg was, our teacher wanted us to act as if he was a client and he delivered us a task to complete within our 3 hour lesson. The task was to create a kiosk to fit a scene created by Doug Chiang, it was required that we design a kiosk that would fit well with the scene, one that would be of relative size and it was recommended that we just design it however we also had the choice to create in 3D also. Below is the image of Doug Chiang’s Spaceship concept art.


Doug Chiang – Spaceship Cockpit

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After looking at this image I did some more research on other concept art within spaceships and I also looked at other work by Doug Chiang.


Doug Chiang – Star Wars Concept

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Spaceship Cockpit Design

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3D Spaceship Concept

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Alien Spaceship Cockpit Concept

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I really like the look of some of these images because of the shapes and the great amount of detail. Also the ones with colour in them look so bright and futuristic. As we were to behave like this was a client project we asked all the questions before the task began and then afterwards no questions could be asked. There was a lot of free rein within this task and after completing the task there was a lot of questions I would have like to have asked, however under the pressure I didn’t have any thoughts. I would have asked questions about colour, shapes and possible use of the kiosk.

After doing the research I started drawing some quick concepts. As shown below.


Above I mocked up some quick sketches of a computer kiosk thinking about the shapes that were used within Doug Chiang’s concept art. I made the screens square as well as the keyboard and base but then I used pipe work and cylinders as I noticed some pipes and compression systems were amongst the chosen scene. I do like the bottom right image as it is rather neat and square; it would fit nicely within the scene, I also like the way in which the screen is designed on the bottom left side.


Looking at the last image of research I tried to use that as inspiration for the screen. I created a circle screen, however I wasn’t to certain that it would blend in with the scene. I then decided that instead of making it circle I should make it curved (just like modern television screens are like today), I would like to model a curved screen also as I am fond of the idea. I then thought about desktops and created one in which had different trays and files as an organised kiosk but with this design I thought it would be too bulky. I even looked at a hologram table as the client did say futuristic, however it would be rather large to fit into the spaceship cockpit. I then finally came up with the wheel idea. Looking at Chiang’s work on the Star Wars concepts I liked the one with the wheel so I incooperated that into a computer.


The computer features a wheel for transport, a block mechanism to stop it from rolling about when on board the ship, springs for comfort, a moveable keyboard and 3 screens for immersion and workspace.


Above is my final concept with a touch of colour. I would have liked to have added more colour but I didn’t manage my time as well as I could have. I spent a lot of time on concept art which isn’t too much of a bad thing as it provides me with ideas and variety.

I am not happy with my final renders as I struggled to get the lighting right even though I was happy with the final model. I would maybe make the wheel a bit bigger so it was more realistic and I really want to work on my rendering and lighting so I don’t struggle when my hand in dates arrive. Overall I really enjoyed the project as I proved to myself that if I put my mind to it I can get lots o work done within the given time limit.