Firstly our group task was to research Queen Victoria Square, it also just so happened that we could split the work equally by having a building each and one person working on both the statue and the monument. Below is the list in which buildings were designated:

Hannah Bales: Hull City Hall

Kyle Agnew: Maritime Museum

Harry Javan: Currently Vacant Building (in-between Cafe Nero and Barclays Bank)

Sam Akester: Prudential Tower

Matty Britchford: Ferens Art Gallery

Harry Langdon: Punch Hotel

Sam McNeil: Cafe Nero

John Ovington: Statue & Monument

(On a previous blog post I have posted links/directories to my group members personal blogs for their own university projects, from there you can view their progress on this heritage project).

My research is also on my blog however this blog post is going to about my 3D work and the first step in our 3D process was Greyblocking below are a few of my greyblocks:


My first attempt at the GreyBlock is the model on the left. It is simple and I made it rather quickly. The model on the right is my current model that now differs in size as when we put the first GreyBlock into Unreal Engine the building looked rather small so I have now made the height of the building bigger and also made the balcony a little longer.


I am now happy with the detail I have added to my building, however I do feel like am I quite far behind. I should have all of the model done by now and have started on texturing, however the other day I had a very good discussion with my teacher Paul and friend Kyle on how to texture and now that I feel more confident I am willing to work harder on this project. I am happy with my building and I am grateful that I have learnt many techniques throughout this tough challenge.


Above is my first attempt at some of the details on my building. As much as I thought it was going well at first it really wasn’t as nothing was symmetric like it should have been. I am happy with the curl yet I feel like there needed to be some improvement.


Above is the improved version. It may be rather high in polys but it is all symmetrical as most of it was mirrored and most objects were moved by the correct pivot point and I also learnt about using the modifier FFD (box) which helped me to mold the cylinder in the middle to fit inside my detailed model.


Here is the dome which sits on top of my building. The spire bit at the top is rather detailed and I have also deleted back polys that the player will not be able to see.


As you can see from this image you can see I have deleted polys that the player won’t be able to see. This is the Balcony, so far we have decided that the player won’t be able to gain access to the balcony but if so I will just re adjust the model.