I find it very interesting how the area that we have been told to model all appeared around similar times. In the 1900’s there was a scheme called ‘Junction Street’ which then was named Queen Victoria Square; most of the buildings in this area were constructed between 1900 and 1930, however the buildings have now changed due to the blitz bombing in 1941 and development of the modern day. Our task is to create Queen Victoria Square within the time era of the 1930’s and we all have a building each to research.

I am researching Hull City Hall a place originally intended for orchestras and special events and to this day still used for orchestral and special events but also various performances such as theatre, comedy and singers. The construction on Hull City Hall commenced in 1903, there was no official opening ceremony, however, The Princess of Wales laid the foundation stone. When the blitz happened in 1941 most of Queen Victoria Square was badly damaged, it was so damaged that some buildings that remained had to be knocked down as they were unsafe such as the Prudential Tower (which no longer exists but plays a large part in the History of Hull) and sadly the roof of Hull City Hall which furthermore damaged the magnificent organ and most of the roof.

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Image Source: http://www.hullhistorycentre.org.uk/discover/hull%20history%20centre/our%20collections/business%20records/forster%20and%20andrews.aspx

The Hull City Hall is still used for performances and also still has shops built into either side of the Hall I have gathered some useful links and resources to help me with building my model, however some of my model may have to be improvised as some images are not available (such as detailed images of the shops).

Some of my photographs


Image Source: http://picclick.co.uk/City-Hall-Old-Bus-Victoria-Square-KINGSTON-322277201822.htmlhull-city-hall

Image Source: http://www.alamy.com/stock-photo/hull-city-hall-kingston-upon.html

Useful Links

Wilberforce Monument – http://www.hullcc.gov.uk/museumcollections/collections/storydetail.php?irn=227&

Ferens Art Gallery Part 1 – http://www.hullcc.gov.uk/museumcollections/collections/storydetail.php?irn=122&master=491

Ferens Art Gallery Part 2 – http://www.hullcc.gov.uk/museumcollections/collections/storydetail.php?irn=123&master=491

Maritime Museum – http://www.hullcc.gov.uk/portal/page?_pageid=221,631051&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Hull History – http://www.hullhistorycentre.org.uk/discover/hull_history_centre/about_us/historyofhull/part3.aspx

Hull Prudential Building – http://www.hullhistorycentre.org.uk/discover/hull_history_centre/about_us/historyofhull/part3.aspx

Hull Prudential Tower Demolition – http://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/secret-file-sheds-light-blitz-raid/story-11978415-detail/story.html

Hullwebs History of Hull – http://www.hullwebs.co.uk/content/p-postcards/victoria-square.htm

Hull Images – http://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/11-ways-hull-changed-incredible-single-picture/story-28843336-detail/story.html