For my final design for the character diversity project I decided to stick with the project B as I have had many ideas. At first I decided to use a similar idea to the video below but then I thought ideas like that have been used before and I wanted something different.

Then I researched lots of different methods of changing the appearance of characters (which is featured elsewhere on my blog in the creative futures section). Then I thought about how these ideas have characters that move, however, not all of the joints move with great ease. As I was sat at my art desk one night I looked to my left at the wooden mannequin realising that would be great for a character.


I drew the mannequin and the little squares represent the attachments in which the clothing will attach. The mannequin will be made from either plastic or wood. I was thinking plastic would be the better option as it would be cheaper in production as well as easier to attach items.

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Here is my final concept which I drew in Illustrator. Here it shows to different colour options for a male in the office environment. The brief required me to make a concept for a specific environment so I chose office. In the hand I decided to place a pen as the characters will have accessories rather than just clothes.