Shield Selection

Our task here was to create one of these shields. We had the choice of which one we wanted to do and then after completing this task we also had to make a weapon and a helmet that would look good along side this shield.

I decided to choose two shields; no. 2 as a quick starter task and no.15 as my final shield. Firstly I broke down the components of each shield so it would make it easier for me to model it in 3DS Max using floating Geometry. (As shown below).

Crop 001

Breakdown of my first chosen shield (no.2) All components.

Crop 002

Breakdown of my next shield (no. 15). All components.

Shield 001 Render 004

Shield no.2. Basic shapes. (Mainly made up from cylinders and a rounded cube to create the sphere-like shapes).

Shield 2=002

Shield no.2. Basic shapes. I mainly used cylinders and a turbo smoothed square to make sure there was no tri polys in this objects wireframe.

My Final Shield. I really like my final shield but it should have been textured. A wooden texture would make this shield look realistic, but overall I like the shape and think that there is plenty of room for improvement.