A really fun task given to us by tutor Paul was to choose an object from the table and model it with the least amount of polys possible. As a first year I am in the process of learning how to texture and this is what Paul wanted us to figure out. At first we all started modelling as we would normally but we all had the problem of too many polygons; we all put our minds together to realise that we don’t always have to use polygons as we can use textures instead. I achieved the correct number of polygons which was 30. I modelled the xbox 360 which is a cube but it has slight curves that define its unique shape.

UV Map Xbox 360 002

Firstly I created my own texture using just colour and the xbox disc tray.That didn’t look too good at all so I tried something else.

UV Map Xbox 360 003

Here I used images from the internet to create a UV Map for my final texture.

xboxXbox 360

That proved really well and I am very proud of this 3D model because it is one of my first proper textured objects as my previous objects have always been a basic cube.