Mace Final Weapon Design
by disneyhannah96
on Sketchfab

Scan 2

I did some research first on what games use what type of melee weapons. I found this really interesting as most games allow the player to look at a full 3D model in-game.

I also did research by going to the local museum that features weapons from a large variety of different eras as well as scanning in some images I found would be helpful from a book in the classroom. (These images have been handed in via memory stick as they would not upload via wordpress). Also I have handed in some sketches of my Mace Development.

Above is my 3D sculptures made from clay. I decided to mock-up a staff and a mace; I decided to go with the mace as it looks like more of a weapon due to having the spikes and the spooky skull on the face of it.

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Above shows my progress in making my weapon. I decided to make a Mace as the shield I made was quite large and thick so I thought the two would go well together. I tried to texture part of it, however, I did struggle with texturing. This was my first model put into the sketchfab program and I didn’t really understand the texturing system in here but I still tried.

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Above is my final renders. This model is one of my favourites as it has so much detail because I used the array tool to duplicate certain aspects such as the spikes. As well as learning how to use the array tool I also learn hoe to use then bend tool. Overall a great experience in 3D modelling.


Looking at helmets from games I decided to do a chunky helmet that covered most of the upper part of the face and also took aspects from different cultures such as viking, world war and medieval. Below is my final render (I have submitted sketches along with the rest of my work as they could not be uploaded due to technical errors).


The helmet is my least favourite 3D model as I didn’t do as many sketches as the others and I should have done a breakdown first. I was looking for a more rounded shape and I maybe should have used a rounded cube for the top of the helmet. Although I’m not a fan of the 3D model I am glad that whilst making it I learnt how to use the symmetry and mirror tools. Both of these tools are very useful but I do prefer the symmetry tool as I find it quick and simple to use..