As we grow older we learn new things and these ‘things’ (no matter what they be) help to evolve our personal micro-culture. As we grow our parents inspire most of our first section of this micro-culture and then from there we decide what we like from the influences of friends, family and even strangers. Now that technology is evolving we have more of chance to improve our knowledge on what we like; if you like to cook you can look online for a recipe, if you are interested in certain music you can find it all online etc.

My personal micro-culture has changed over the past year as I have just been introduced to University on a Games Design Course. Throughout this course I have learnt many things such as how to 3D model, how to present my work well and also how to organize my time. Also this course has changed the way I see things, for example when I play a game now I look at the different game mechanics and take more interest in the designs as well as adapting these sorts of things into everyday life such as the designs of shop fronts and looking into the public’s opinions.

Spider-diagram Jpeg

Above is a Spider-Diagram showing my personal micro-culture through the use of images. It shows all of my interests and the interests of my family and friends. I feel that creating this spider-diagram helped me to see where I get all of my inspiration from and what subjects/topics I have been influenced into liking. As you can see I like Superheroes/villains just like my boyfriend, I like Xbox Games just like my Step-Brother and some of my family are completely different as most of my aunties like famous brands and makeup whereas I don’t.

Below I have presented some images that show you what my interests are and it shows my favorite memories and more.

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Above is my Disney Infinity Collection. I aim to collect more but I really like them as collectibles are a great way of keeping me occupied; especially with these being interactive as you can transfer the character you have collected via console. They also look great around the house.

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Above is just some of my favourites from my Disney collection. Some of it may seem pointless but to me it all means a lot.

Disney Coin Collection – I started this collection in 2002 when I first visited Disney World Florida with my mum, my auntie and my grandad. My grandad means everything to me and he helped me collect most of these coins. It was a great adventure as we explored so many places just to find each one.

Walt Disney World Pin – This is one of my favourite pins. I was too young to remember how I got it but I know it was from when I first went to Disney World with my Grandad. It is so detailed for a pin and I haven’t seen many of these.

Autograph Books – I absolutely love my autograph books. Remembering  how I got that specific autograph and colelcting the signatures of all of my favorite characters is great. I enjoyed meeting Goofy as he was great; he lifted my autograph book above my head so I couldn’t reach it and we had so much fun playing (plus he gave me a really cool sticker). The Grinch is a great autograph as it is such a piece of art work, as I got this autograph at the age of 17 I thought about how I would love to know who was under that suit.

Figment of Imagination Hat – My first ever Mickey Ears. Every Disney Dreamer has to have one of these hats, it is just a Disney tradition.

Mickey and Minnie Figures – From my trip to Disney on Ice. What a great day, I have been many times and I love it. This Ice show brings the magic of Disney all the way from America to England.

Dumbo Figurine – An incredibly cute figure that I couldn’t resist buying.

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All of my CD’s, DVD’s and Games.

Smash Mouth Collection – One of my favourite bands to listen to is Smash Mouth. Most people recognize their music from the Shrek Soundtrack or from the film Cat in the Hat but I like all of their original music such as Walkin’ on the Sun, Padrino and So Insane. These are great albums and I aim to collect more.

DVD’S – Mainly consisting of Disney Films, my DVD’s keep me sane. When I’m tired, stressed and need a break of some sort I tend to put a film on. I feel that Disney Films tend to have a moral to a story that can help you out or a character that you can relate to. Fact: My favourite short film is ‘Boundin’; it cheers me up all the time no matter what.

Games – With me currently being a games design student I need to have a lot of game influences. I play on consoles Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 1, GameCube etc. I enjoyed the Tomb Raider series very much as I experienced this playing it with my mum when it was on PlayStation 1. I enjoy playing RPG games such as Skyrim, fallout and GTA.

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Harley Quinn Collectible Figure – An adventure around comic-con and I find this amazing collectible. A figure of Harley Quinn from the game ‘Batman – Arkham Knight’ that features her weapons, her hat and and different body parts (to fit the weapons). I love this figure as it is so smart in its box and is very valuable.

Bioshock Funko-Pop and Mini Canvas – I really like this FunkoPop as I love the Bioshock Games Series. The Big Daddy is one of my most liked characters as at first he seems to be the antagonist but yet it turns out he is actually the protagonist.

Dancing Groot – Too cute I just needed it. Dancing Groot dances to my music as I play it. He is great to have on my desk as I work. He brings a bit of life to my University work.

Lumiere and Cogsworth – Figures from Beauty and the Beast. I saw Lumiere in the Beauty and the Beast shop and I loved it so I bought it. Such a great purchase as it even lights up creating a great atmosphere whilst I do my work. With me having Lumiere I then decided to search for the matching Cogsworth, howeevr, at first I had a problem as they were limited edition they were hard to find as only a few had been sold. Luckily Disney re-released them for purchase and I jumped at the chance.

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Harley Quinn Figures – I am a great Harley Quinn fan and I love collecting anything that relates to her. I am currently collecting her FunkoPop Collection and if I am correct I believe I only need to collect two more.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Toy – Every time I go to Disney World Florida my grandad had the rule of only buy one toy. I used to go overboard but even to this day I stick to this tradition. In 2015 when I visited Disney World I decided to choose an Oswald Teddy as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit finally has the rights to be a Disney Character. If you don’t know the story behind Oswald the Lucky Rabbit it is a very interesting read. Read here:

My Favorite Photographs


On the left: Me and my amazing cat Winnie. Couldn’t ask for a better friend; he was so cute and cuddly as well as him being great at cheering me up. We have had many memories together and he was just like a baby as he loved listening to Disney music (especially Baby Mine from Dumbo)

In the Middle: My cat Tigger, I had since my second birthday. from 1998 to 2015. Tigger was a great friend and loyal cat that was with me from the age of 2 to 17. She was always mature and loyal; she was there for me throughout the process of my parents splitting up which I really appreciated.

On the Right: Me and my Grandpa, such a lovely man. He worked on boats for most of his life until he had an unfortunate stroke which paralyzed him from the neck down but no matter what I am so proud of him for making it through all of the struggles and by the time it was my 17 birthday he managed to learn the ability to speak again. Unfortunately he passed  away just as he started to learn to speak again and move his arms but he worked hard to be able to say a final goodbye and give me  a pat on the back. He made me proud.

18th Lucky Horse Shoe

A Horse shoe from my Nanna and Grandpa for my 18th birthday. I really do appricaite my Nanna putting Grandpa’s names on the back of it. I know it was difficult for her but I like the way we all know he is still here watching over us. This means a lot to me, at first I wasn’t really interested in the idea of these supposedly lucky items for an 18th birthday, however, I now believe it as this is from my Grandpa/Grandpop.

18th Lucky Horse Shoe (Back)
Photograph with Belle

One of my favourite Disney character photographs. After having the story of Beauty and the Beast being told to me by Belle I then got a great photograph with her and also her autograph (as you can see my autograph book in my hand). At that age she was my inspiration, I didn’t want just any ordinary life; I still listen to what she has to say. I am even wearing my princess Minnie hat.

Now that I am in University I have my friends, family, teachers and TED Talks to be influenced by. My personality wouldn’t be the way it is without those I was inspired by. I hope you like all of my things, feel free to ask me about any of them if you see me, but it is a great way to express who I am.