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April 26, 2016

Games Design – Genre Research – Bibliography

Alien Isolation Image 001

Alien: Isolation Audio Interview with Sam Cooper & Byron Bullock!

Alien Isolation Image 002

Alien: Isolation Extended “Distress” Trailer – How Will You Survive?

Alien Isolation Image 003

Alien: Isolation Review – Just Give Up (PS4)

Alien Isolation Image 004

Bioshock Gif 001

Bioshock Image 001

Bioshock Image 002

Bioshock Image 003

Bioshock Image 004

Bioshock Image 005

Evil Within Image 001

New Trailer for The Evil Within Introduces its Lethal Enemies and Traps

Evil Within Image 002

Evil Within Image 003

7 Scary Gaming Enemies That We Still Haven’t Forgotten

Saw Image 001

Saw Image 002

SAW – The Video Game (PC/MulTi2) RePack

Saw Image 003

Saw Image 004

Saw Image 005

Saw Image 006

Wet Image 001

Wet Image 002

Wet Image 003

Wet Image 004

GTA Image 001

GTA Image 002

GTA Image 003

GTA Image 004

GTA Image 005

GTA Image 006

Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer – Latest Released

GTA Image 007

The Division Image 001

The Division Image 002

The Division Image 003

The Division Beta PS4 vs. Xbox One Direct-Feed Screenshot Comparison Shows No Major Difference

The Division Image 004

Guitar Hero live Information 001

Guitar Hero Live Image 001

Guitar Hero Live Gets New Songs, Concert Footage, and All-Access Weekend

Guitar Hero Live Video 001

Forza Image 001

Forza Image 002

Forza Image 003

Forza Motorsport 6 Demo Released Today


Games Design – Genre Research

All games have a genre/theme. This genre usually depicts everything the game consists of such as characters, vehicles, objects and environments. Below are some genre’s and themes used within games.


Horror games usually stick to a sub-genre of being a jump-scare game, gory game, thriller, adventure, slasher etc. Below are some examples featuring a horror genre and how they show that theme.

Alien Isolation

Horror 001

Well-known for its jump-scares this game not only has human enemies but also features alien enemies. Horror games usually feature creatures to spook the player as it is something new to us and is very different to the human body. Anything that looks different to us can be seen as creepy, also the creature is dark and slimy. As well as the character being quite spooky we also have to consider environments. The environment plays a dramatic part in the game as the lights flicker, shadows move past and even the sound used within the environment works really well. Sometimes you can even run into protagonists and think that they are an antagonist. The game really messes with your mind.


gaming game bioshock infinite bioshock bioshock 2

The first Bioshock Game was quite scary in my opinion. So many jump-scares lead to a great game. With the game being set underwater it isn’t exactly as bright and happy as ‘The Little Mermaid’; they take into consideration the depth of the underwater city and understand that it will be a dark place. Bioshock is scary for many reasons, my favourite reason being the way in which you play the game. Some gamers go in stealthily whereas others just full on attack, you will still run into the jump-scares but stealth has that element of “will the enemy catch me?” and “Oh no he is getting closer towards me, I should hide somewhere else” etc.

Sound improves this game dramatically, sound effects that indicate a character is nearby such as footsteps (on hard floor or through water), electric cables sparking suggesting you can maybe set up a trap to electrocute an enemy and the most important sounds of them all has to be the characters. Frank Fontaine uses the phrase ‘Would you kindly’ as a trigger word to make Jack (your playable character) follow the command he gives you.

I like the way in which the characters are portrayed as at the beginning I thought Big Daddy was a bad guy as he is quite big and scary, however it turns out he is just being very protective and won’t actually hurt you unless you harm one of the little sisters. Some of the splicers (enemies) look scary, sound scary and are quite fast so instantly that is one fear of mine in a game. I was also not a fan of the little sisters are they are a common style of character used in games and films to spook people, I suppose they just look too sweet and innocent that we suspect something scary to happen.

The environments are spooky during most of the game, however, I like the fact that there is a Bioshock DLC in which you can explore Rapture (the underwater city) in its normal state when it wasn’t so spooky and it explains some of the character designs and basically what went wrong.

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Evil Within

I would say that the evil within is scary by using every horror category. I especially think that the character design was great in this game as the characters are quite spooky and each one has a different look; there are some characters that you see more than once in the game as they have a certain way to be defeated. Below are some of the characters featured in the game.

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The main feature in this game is death. Obviously if you die in the game you’re not going to die in real life, however a lot of people mainly fear dying in a game due to how the enemy will kill you, when he will kill you, not wanting to start from your last checkpoint and even just not being able to get past a certain enemy or not wanting to fail. This game requires a lot of thinking, quick actions and no fear but we all lack in at least one of these and that is nothing to be ashamed of as it makes the game more interesting. Solving puzzles and trying to survive is the main aim of the game. Rather than enemies coming after you you have protagonists panicking thinking that you can help them but really they are strapped to a device that if it gets to close to yours will blow up.

Even though you have to survive many traps you have to create some to avoid these characters that can put your life in danger. I don’t really like that feature as I find that quite a difficult task as I am more interested in the thinking part of the game and the interesting story. The Saw movies are known to be very clever as some films are set at the same time and some characters are not who they seem also some of the traps can be tricky. Bringing this into a game was a great idea. Another feature which I think is a good idea but find difficult to actually cope with in the game is the light. You have the choice of a lighter, torch or camera for the use of light when you need it. The camera is very bright (using the flash photography setting) but you have to keep clicking the camera to use the light also the flash and shutter sounds get annoying after a while and there is more chance of you coming across a jump scare whereas the torch and lighter stay lit but you can run out batteries for the torch and your lighter can die.

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Wet 001

The name ‘Wet’ comes from the term ‘Wet-Work’ as in killing or assassinating someone via a contract. I find the gameplay to this very interesting as it the controls are the typical action game controls (B=Crouch/Slide, A=Jump, RT=Shoot) but with every action you have a slow motion chance to aim your gun manually so when you jump, flip or slide really fast the time slows down and you have a chance of getting a better shot and a better aim.

This game is a great action game which is also quite violent, funny, however it is quite repetitive. I didn’t actually finish this game as I got bored due to the repetitive missions. Each mission consists of fighting lots of enemies and usually a boss level or points scoring level, then you get a final score. Here is some of the gameplay below to demonstrate the fighting style.

Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA 001

This game was incredibly popular when it was released in 2013 and it is still popular now. The GTA (Grand Theft Auto) game series has been popular since the very first game release in 1997, however, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was a breakthrough for Rockstar games as it became incredibly popular. GTA 4 was released in 2008 so when GTA 5 was announced everyone was really looking forward to it as since the previous game graphics and quality had been improved over the years.

This game was great for action as some of the missions are completly random and some missions can even take over 30 mins to complete. When Rockstar released the Heist missions for online mode everyone waited desperately as there was a few delays however they are really fun as you get to communicate with people from around the world to tactically rob a bank and get away with it. I find GTA 5 Online to be very useful when playing online because you can make lots of friends but you have to be careful as you might also make lots of enemies.

I like the way in which through the main game you can switch between the choice of three players (as some tasks/missions require a certain character). Also you get to have a pet dog named Chop when playing as Franklin and you can even teach it tricks or get it to attack people.

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Tom Clancy’s The Division 

Division 001.jpg

Released in 2016 this game was highly anticipated to be a great success, although it was successful only certain people bought it as it had a style that is suitable for players that enjoy games such as Call of Duty and Splintercell. Known as an Open World, Online, RPG game Tom Clancy’s The Division is immersive and realistic according to their website at

In this game you have a base that you can improve throughout, online players that you can either play against or team up with and progression is key. Throughout the whole game you level up and the more progress you make the better an agent you become. The game features lots of weapons, characters and skill sets; the game also takes a while to complete as people want to become such a high level.




Guitar Hero Live

Guitar Hero 001

Music games are never as popular as action, adventure or horror as they can either be quite expensive due to the fact you need to by the right equipment for your console, you might not like the song choices and the games are very rarely released. The Guitar Hero franchise was one of the most popular types of music games but then rumor spread that they had stopped making these games all together, however, that was not true as they released Guitar Hero Live in 2015 and it was quite a success. This game has different yet more realistic controls on the guitar and supposedly better music. Below is a list of some of the music you can play:

  • The Anthem by Good Charlotte
  • Bangarang by Skrillex ft. Sirah
  • Counting Stars by One Republic
  • Demons by Imagine Dragons
  • Everybody Talks by Neon Trees
  • I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons
  • Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones
  • Waking Up in Vegas by Katy Perry

Racing Games


Forza 001.jpg

When Forza was released in 2015 the Xbox One was already out (2013) so Xbox created an Xbox One Console for the game release:

Forza 003

The game is well known for its outstanding graphics and the variety of cars. The realism is great as you can drive manually or automatic (using gears or not). You can race against friends and beat their times as well as having achievements like any other Xbox One game. According to Forza 6 includes 460 cars, 26 world-famous locals, and 24 car multiplayer. Some players are even given the chance to be rewarded better cars by the playing the game as much as possible.


Overall I believe that most gamers stick to their own genre. They may experiment with other genres but I know that everyone has their own opinions. My favourite genres include action, adventure and horror; games such as Skyrim, Tomb Raider, Batman (The Arkham Series) and more.


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