During our first week (induction week) we had a great introduction from Hull College and we had fun as well. The week was very informative and effective.

Day 1 – Monday 14th September 2015 

  • 9:00am – All Faculty of Arts students arrive at Hull School of Art and Design building, Queen’s Gardens.
  • Meet with Programme Leaders in HSAD foyer, then to tutor bases in HSAD (Art & Design) or High Street (Performing Arts).
  • Tutorial Activities – Introduction to course and tutors; tours of building (time as required to fit around enrolment.
  • Games Design Students register at enrolment between 11:00am -11:30am.
  • 1:00pm Go to the Principal’s Information Event at the Riverside Theatre, Horncastle Building. 

I enjoyed the first day as I got to explore the HSAD Building, get to know who my classmates are and also get to know my tutors. Also I was informed on the day on who to go to depending on my needs such as Sadie for counselling, Sally (Head of Games Design) for needed information and course details, tutors for help with work (as well as librarians and reception).

The enrolment process was quite frustrating at first, however, the staff were very helpful with any trouble I had.

Day 2 – Tuesday 15th September 2015

  • 10:00am – 10:30am, Meet with Programme Leaders in Studio Bases.
  • Main Activities for the day – Studio Activities, Introduction to Critical and Theoretical Studies, Faculty welcome at Kardomah94- Alfred Gelder Street.
  • C.A.T.S Introduction in room AT120. 1:30PM – 2:45PM.
  • Studio Activities continue until 3:00pm (Faculty Welcome Event.

Main Activities I found fun and interactive. We got to learn who in our class has what skills and put those skills to use in a creative task. I enjoyed this as I got really involved and I bonded really well with the class mates as the task encouraged to think outside of the box.

Day 3 – Wednesday 16th September 2015

  • Studio Activities. 
  • Library Induction, 11:30am – 12:00pm.

The Library Induction was quick and easy. We got a library card and also a tour (which included details on what each room is for (a quiet room for independent research, a social area for group work etc.). The tour also consisted of where to find the books we will most need.

Day 4 – Thursday 17th September 2015

HSAD Students’ Induction trip: LEEDS

  • Meet outside The Warren, opposite BBC building, at 9:15am.
  • Leave Leeds at 3:30pm.

A really fun trip around Leeds which gave me the chance to be more comfortable with travelling, become friends with my future classmates/tutors and explore new surroundings and learn some art history. We visited the museums, the shopping centres and streets that surround the museum.


Day 5 – Friday 18th September 2015

10:00am – 1:00pm, Semester 1 begins

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