Chiaroscuro Art

Chiaroscuro is the use of light and dark contrast in art. This artwork originated between the 14th and 17th century by the use of many famous artists such as  Leonardo da Vinci and Caravaggio. We are required to experiment with this art style with the use of modern technology through Photoshop/Illustrator.

Using the Dodge and Burn tool we can create light and dark. Below are examples of Chiaroscuro Artwork.


The Young Singer by Georges de la Tour


Girl with the Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer

Traditional vs Non-Traditional

Work by Craig Mullins


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Non -Traditional

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Below are my art styles using the outlines of various artist work.


Tentacle – Sketch by Gareth Sleightholme, my use of colour.

I really like the way in which I used the dodge and burn tool in this as there is quite a contrast between the light and dark compared to some of my other colourings. Also with this I like the type of brush I used for the purple as it makes for a nice smooth colour blend edge.

The Grinch Colour

The Grinch – Sketch/Autograph by The Grinch Character at Universal Studios, colour by me.

This image on the other hand is very cartoon-like as to match the cartoon style of the drawing I made sure that I used bright and contrasting colours. I only used the dodge and burn tool on the grinch as I wanted him to stand out from the text.


Sketch by Gareth Sleightholme again, colour by me.

I used blue on this robot because in many films/games/tv shows blue usually represents metal (sometimes a very light blue, almost grey). I used the dodge tool a lot because I wanted the robot to look like it was made out of metal. Using the dodge tool helped me to create a shiny feature to the robot and also show the direction of the light (from the image you can see the light appears from the top left of the screen).