About Trident

Trident is a global company that manages the many famous brands we see on a daily basis; Trident works with brands such as Unilever, Coca Cola, McDonalds, P&G, H&S and many more. The company has 22 locations worldwide including Toronto, Austraillia and even China.  The list below shows what services Trident provides for its customers and what each service can do:

  • Artwork Management – Creating, editing and manipulating designs. Most of the brand products need changing slightly as the weight or contents of the product may need changing for various products as well as the colour and most importantly the language.
  • Print and Colour – This department is very efficient as Trident like to make the final designs with amazing quality but also  taking into consideration the cost and consistancy of the print. Fact: Trident have over 2,000 printers around the world.
  • Quality Control – Checking over most of the work and having an understanding of what the file size should be, printing properties, quality of the artwork etc.
  • Zen – Online Workflow Management – Brand artwork and workflow management system ‘Zen’ is a part of the Trident Community. This sector improves the consistency and speed of the workflow within the marketing, quality of the products and work accuracy/quality. Trident and Zen work together to support all of the clients needs and make customers happy.
  • Sm.artcheck – Automated Artwork Checking – With Zen controlling the pace of workflow the Sm.artcheck checks the data containing font sizes, colours and positioning is applied correctly with no errors. Ensuring that nothing can go wrong and ruin any of the final product designs.
  • Sm.artwork – Future-Proof Artwork for Packaging and Ecommerce – A very innovated department looking towards the future to create even more products using a more creative technique. 3D and 4D techniques have been considered and Trident even have the opportunity to research augmented reality for advertising.
  • Brand Protection – Protecting the brands for the customers so that all work is original and not being used anywhere else (unless asked by customer). It is very important to consider brand protection for the customers as they know that they can put there work into the right hands.
  • Sm.artpack – Packaging Sample Creation – This sector gives clients the opportunity to preview their product. The client has the choice to look at the product from different perspectives using 3d digital imagery and spinning movies. This allows the client to have an early prototype for any other work they made require their product for.
  • Tooling – Rotogravure – A very unique printing system used to create some of the most amazing products using the methods of rotogravure and flexographic printing. Trident mainly supplies products to the printers in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
  • Tooling – Flexo – Produces plate material for printers in North America.

Tech Nation have a partnership wit Trident, providing them with great technology.

Below is some of the work produced by Trident.

Video Source: http://www.sonoco-trident.com/en-us/Innovation

Information Source: http://www.sonoco-trident.com/en-us/

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