Travel in games is essential. Most games now feature what is known as ‘Fast Travel’ but first of all you need to have been explored most of the map to start fast travelling (so you don’t miss anything of the story), and second of all most people would rather travel than Fast Travel as they like to find new quests or just explore the world they are immersed in.

Game Examples:


In the Elder Scrolls game Skyrim you cross bridges a lot. Some look plain and simple whereas some are designed to make you wonder what will be past this bridge. When crossing bridges you usually come across new towns or see some traders and sometimes even enemies. At one bridge an enemy stops you and asks for money so that you can cross in which you have two options: fight or run.

Looking at the images below you can see a simple bridge in which people are fighting and a bridge with a dragon sculpture. The simple bridge is great for fighting as the player would rather focus on the fight rather than what the bridge looks like, whereas the bridge with the dragon detail is very attracting and makes the player believe there must be something interesting ahead.


Even though the first Bioshock game is set underwater the creators still managed to create a very structural city. Obviously with the game being underwater there had to be a way to travel from building to building and to do that they made underwater bridges. There was a lot of concept art for the bridges as it is one of the main environments that is used by the player. I’m a big fan of the game and the game is meant to be scary, I think that the bridges is one of the many ways the creators made the game scary. First of all the bridges are made of glass so you can sometimes see something move in the corner of your eye, it may be a reflection or it could be an enemy waiting to sneak upon you. Also with the bridges being made of glass the bridge has a chance to break; in one part of the game the bridge leaks and slowly collapses. And finally the bridges are quite gloomy, with the ocean beign quite a deep and dark place the bridge tends to be quite scary.

Tomb Raider

The Tomb Raider Game Series is incredibly popular and well-known. The game features a lot of climbing and figuring out how to reach certain places so there are many ways to get around. The original Tomb Raider games usually feature simple rope swings or monkey bars whereas the new Tomb Raider has collapsing bridges that take you to different areas and also you can still rope swing but you use your bow and arrow to do so. One feature I like is the use of the rope accelerator which allows you to climb a rope that you have created using your bow and arrow. There are many different ways of getting places in Tomb Raider even just crossing over a log but each time you use something such as a bridge or rope you have a very  big chance of falling as the bridges are very fragile as Lara Croft explores very fragile environments that haven’t been visited for years.

Real-life Examples:

The Golden Gate Bride

The Golden Gate bridge was open to the public in 1937 with a total spend of $35 Million to make it. It is one of the most well-known bridges and is located in San Francisco. The two towers that hold the bridge up are 746 feet tall and the cables that stretch across the bridge are an incredible 7000 feet long. The reason I am blogging about this bridge is because I really like how big this bridge is. In a game I think that a big bridge can intrigue the player to wonder across it as it puts emphasis on what is behind it.


Tower Bridge

Located in London this bridge offers people the chance to have a tour of the bridge and learn about its history, experience a walk across the top of the bridge which features a glass floor with a great view of London as well as watching the bridge lift. The bridge was built between 1886 and 1894 at 213 feet high.

Pont Du Gard

This arched Bridge is located in the South of France and is known for its large no. of arches. The bridge is an ancient Roman aqueduct and is 48.8m high. Its beautiful design looks amazing in the reflection from the Gardon River.


Bridges are essential in games as you need them to get to the next area and to continue the game. Some bridges don’t allow us to cross until we have completed a certain task and that encourages to complete that task as you may have a slight glimpse at what is up ahead. You don’t even have to go over the bridge, you can always go under to hide from enemies.