Game Concepts

The brief requires me to look into different markets and develop ideas that will lead me to a final outcome. The groups consist of 10 – 14yrs (which can include IP tie-ins), 14yrs + (Female Market) and finally 35 + (Genre Market). I will have to include what the game is about, how the game works/plays and also mention copyright as well as including how this game suits the specific age group.

10 -14yrs (including the use of IP tie-ins)

My first Idea for this category included inspiration from an American Television show I watch called ‘Impractical Jokers’. The show is about four friends who compete in mini challenges (almost like playing dares) and the loser must complete an embarrassing task given by the other jokers. I thought that if I turned this into a virtual game that gamers can free roam around, it would be quite interesting. The character would move just like a character would in GTA, Skyrim or Fallout and also like those games you can view your character from first or third person. You will get a custom character that can roam around New York interacting with characters from the show to play minigames. You can play two player via the console and four player online. When playing with other players the loser will have to perform an embarrassing task.

Impractical Jokers

I had a second idea for this market which was in the style of the game ‘Castle of Illusion, Starring Mickey Mouse’. A 2.5D Platform Game which consists of a beginning main hub area with lots of doors leading to different levels, these levels will include themes from our favourite childhood television shows/Films such as LooneyTunes, Tom & Jerry, Scooby Doo, Roger Rabbit, Space Jam etc. Also looking at the game ‘Doritos Crash Course’ as an example of what I could in cooperate into the levels.

Mickey and the castle of illusion

14yrs + (Female Market)

Games for girls are difficult to create as girl gamers vary drastically. Some girls like games which include makeup and fashion whereas other girls like games with zombies or cars. My idea is suitable for all types of girl gamers as throughout the game or at the start I am thinking of having multiple choice questions pop up to debate how your game will play. You will also create your character and depending on the clothes you put on and the weapons you choose will decide what your first mission will be. As an example, if I was to put on Armor and carry a sword and the first multiple choice question was something like ‘What would your dream pet be? 1. Dog 2. Dragon 3. Fairy 4. Unicorn 5. None, animals are gross’ and I chose Dragon, the game would be similar to Skyrim whereas if I chose to wear elf like clothes and chose fairy on the multiple choice the game would be similar to the game ‘Kameo’.

I also had the idea to create a game that was similar to ‘The Sims’ or ‘Avatar Legends’ as in these games you can create your own character and also explore exciting new places. Games such as ‘The Sims’ have infinite gameplay which makes the game suitable for girls as they can play it whenever they like and they can play the game for as long as they want as they can’t really complete it.

Avatar LegendsThe Sims001

35yrs + (Genre Market)

The genre I chose for the 35+ market is action. I thought about how serious games can be educational but I wanted to also make them fun and dramatic. A lot of people dream about being a Fireman, Policeman or even part of the Army so I thought about making a game that lets you play a part in the Public Services. You can choose different story modes and choose which part of the team you want to pose as.Police001Fireman001


As a class we discussed all of our ideas one by one. We individually pitched our three ideas to the class and our teacher Paul and they gave us feedback on our work. Also they voted on which idea would be best to make into an actual game. My class decided that the first idea was best as 2.5D side scrollers are quite rare and idea 2 seemed to complex whereas idea three was too simple. I agree with everyone’s criticism and I’m going to acknowledge every bit of advice I get.