The two letters ‘U’ and ‘V’ are from the coordinates of the vertex texture. A flat 2D shape made to cover a 3D object. Just like a when creating objects out of paper; we create a net first and then put the object together. When creating a cube we have 6 squares out flat and then these 6 squares put together create a cube. The process of UV Mapping involves using a 3D program (in our case 3DS Max) and creating an object; when finished with this object you unwrap each part of the object and stitch/connect/wield the sides of the UV Map together. Finally you bring this map into Photoshop and paint over it or transfer an image on top of it, then take that texture back into 3DS Max to create your final piece.

Here is my UV Map:

UV Map Test2

Here is my Final Piece as a 3D model:


I also have a tutorial which I will either post as a blog or send via email if you prefer.