In my opinion I feel like in some cases I have been scared to advance in my work due to being worried about failure. Failure can get to us all and we need to understand that failure is a good thing. When we fail we study where we went wrong and further improve it, you can’t create something perfect instantly. Acknowledging feedback from others and taking their advice as a way of improving rather than feeling their advice is an insult can make a big difference throughout our work. Also you can criticise other peoples work and maybe help others to realise the potential of their final product.

Milton Glaser (Graphic Designer) gives a lot of advice to students to help with the stress of student life as well as the aspect of failure. Milton Glaser gave the advice of “Simply do not get stuck in your own belief system.” He claims that you have to be engaged with your work, you have to be willing to want to be successful. “You must embrace failure” says Glaser; my favourite way that he understands this process is through the way we see ourselves, if we don’t believe in ourselves we won’t be able to achieve what we want to achieve.

Also as well as using Milton Glasers advice I like to look at what my idols have to say. I have an interest in Walt Disney and they way he succeeded. Here are some of my favourite quotes.

This video below is a video that I find really inspiring, it is about being optimistic and no matter how much failure you face everyday one day it will all pay off.