Topology is the way in which lines show the form of a shape. 3D Topology can be complex depending on the model and also depending on the amount of detail the 3D object contains. When using topology quad-polys and tri-polys are created by the lines which form around the object, a tri-poly is not used as much as a quad-poly because a computer can read quad-polys easier.

The website defines topology as such:

“Basically, topology is the modern version of geometry, the study of all different sorts of spaces.”

Below are some examples of Topology:

Topology 002

When making a topology model, there will be multiple layers. When you take away the character shape layers and keep the topology you should be able to see just the topology and you should be able to understand what this object/person is. From the above image you can only see topology and I can tell that it is Jane from the Disney film ‘Tarzan’.

Topology 001

Again an example from the Disney film ‘Tarzan’. The character on the left has no topology lines whereas the character on the right has the topology lines on top of the model. You can see that the smaller the poly the more detail is in that area; also the lines curve so you can understand the 3D model and so that the image doesn’t look as flat.

Topology 004

In this face you can see lots of different colours. The colours represent movement along the contour lines and the polygons are all different sizes as the smaller the polygon the more detail/movement.

Topology 003

This is from the Disney short film ‘Paperman’. The hair is made from very little polygons therefore the shape is more rough rather than being smooth (to smooth the object you would add more polygons).


Our brief requires us to create topology for a celebrity/cartoon bust, a world war aircraft and a sofa. Here is my celebrity bust, I chose Hercules as he has quite a strong figure. For my first attempt at Hercules it went ok but I will be practising a lot more to get the topology correct.

Sofa 003.gif

I found the Sofa topology easier to do, however, I still know that I have a lot of room to improve. I know where I went wrong as I spoke to my teacher about how I am struggling with topology. My goal is to improve my skills in topology.

World War Aircraft 003.gif

I am proud of my World War Aircraft because you tell tell that is an aircraft just by looking at the topology.

Overall I am proud of my topology and I know where I need to improve. I am currently working on more topology work to improve my skills.