Pareidolia is a type of illusion in which we persuade our imagination to create an image out of certain shapes. As a basic example, a form of Pareidolia would be looking at the clouds and creating a shape out of them with your imagination. Most people can recognise more than others, as i suppose it depends on how your imagination works. Here as some examples of different perceptions of Paredolia.


Taps look like a face.


Drink looks like a Skull.


Bag has an unhappy face.


Leave has a scary skull like face.


Coffee resembles the shape of a frog.


Washing Machine pulling a funny face.


A hidden Mickey Mouse on the Moon.

Pareidolia can come from any shape or object, however, some people get confused between the difference between optical illusions  and Pareidolia. Pareidolia is usually something our brains naturally visualise without having to focus to hard whereas optical illusions are a trick of the mind to either trick your mind into believing that something is moving or to force you into seeing a certain image. Here are some examples.

Opticalillusions002 Opticalillusions003 Opticalillusions011