Games Design – Game Ideas

Our brief consists of us defining what Casual gaming is, developing thumbnail sketches of game concepts for specific age groups and finally creating a Project Proposal/High Concept Document which may also include a critical evaluation which can then be presented to the class.

Gaming Culture

Gaming has been around for years, and over the years it has developed incredibly. Everyone has their own opinion and some people prefer the old media whereas some people believe that new is better. In most cases we can agree that games can bring us together as a community, however some people think that gaming is bad for us. Everyone may have different opinion but we all know gaming exists and some of us don’t even realise we play games daily without even realising.

There are many different ways to game. Usually the way you game determines a gamer title for you. There are such gamers as:

  • Casual Gamers
  • Hardcore Gamers
  • Applied/Serious Gamers
  • Traditional Gamers

Casual Gaming

When someone is a casual gamer it can be interpreted in different ways depending on the person. Most people think a casual gamer is someone who has a little interest in gaming but is not too dedicated/willing to play a game every single day. Whereas some people get offended by that and think that a gamer should always be dedicated and put time and effort into games. Usually casual games are usually quite simple or a mobile app; whereas a hardcore/serious gamer know more about the games and the companies as well as knowing about a wider range of game styles. Casual Gamers play games such as Candy Crush, Farmville and 1010!

Candy Crush.jpeg




Hardcore Gamer001

Hardcore Gaming

A hardcore gamer is someone who is dedicated in playing games and has a very large interest in a large variety of games. Hardcore gamers usually spend most of their money on games or the merchandise from that game, visit shops and game conventions to make friends as well as buy game related items and also I believe that hardcore gamers try to relate games to real life. Games that hardcore gamers play usually consist of a game series such as Halo, Bioshock, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto etc.

Applied/Serious Gaming

Applied or Serious Games are not well recognised; most people don’t even realise that they are playing one of these types of games. This style of game is generally a game that educates as well as entertain. These games come in a wide variety as some won’t even feel like games as they become boring and are seen as more of a task. I would say Brain Training games and Simulators would categorise as Serious Games because they educate and prepare you for things you may encounter in the real world.Brain Training Simulator

Traditional Gaming

From board games to the classic arcade games; what would you class as traditional? In my opinion I think that both of these type of games are traditional, I also believe that it depends on your age. As an example of the age theory I believe in you need to think about what games you played as a child compared to your grandparents. My grandparents enjoyed Chess, Jenga and as they got older they enjoyed the classic games such as Pacman and Mario whereas I see traditional games as PlayStation 1 games or GameCube etc.

What do you think to gaming cultures? And what type of gamer are you? Feel free to comment below this blog post.


Gameboy colour001 Gamecube