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November 12, 2015

Games Design – 3D Realisation – Sculptures

In our 3D Realisation lesson I had the option to choose a certain topic of interest. The options included Character Design, Prop and Object or Environment; I chose character design as I really want to improve my skills as I feel I am not as confident as I should be with character design as I am with the other options. Initially I was going to get my idea from a film/game/book but I then I randomly created a shape and my creation took place there. I felt more confident after this lesson as I discovered you can create characters easier when using shapes.

image (5)

Above: The front view of my sculpture.

image (6)

Above: The side of my sculpture.

image (7)

Above: A view of the top of my sculpture.

image (8)

Above: Another side view of my sculpture.

I think overall I definitely have room to improve but I am quite proud of what I have created. The main concept I would like to learn next would be how to get rid of any of the cracks and also smooth out more of the sculpture and maybe also add a bit of texture.

Sculptures are a great use of a design concept. From a sculpture you can see all of the textures, the width, height and length of the chosen subject and with the technology with have now, we can transfer our created sculptures onto a computer program and further improve the creation as well as add colour and put the image in a scene/environment/background. Sculptures are sometimes put into computers so that they can be animated, however, I like this animation created by sculptures with no use of computers at all.

My favourite sculptures include the ones from the Pixar Studios in Burbank California, Emeryville. I am interested in the works of Kent Melton and Greg Dykstra as they have created so many memorable characters over the years that we still know and love today. Greg Dykstra is mainly known for the sculptures of Remy from Ratatouille, whereas Kent Melton is known for The Incredibles characters and even characters from The Lion King. I really like their work because they look so realistic and they must put a lot of effort into each piece. Also they create more than one version of each character to show different poses, positions, facial expressions and my favourite of all is when a character ages seeing the difference using sculptures. Here are some examples of their work.

Greg Dykstra

Greg Dykstra

Above: Dykstra creating one of the many Ratatouille characters as you can see the characters on a shelf behind him.

Greg Dykstra2

Above: One of Dykstras Sculptures being put into a computer and being manipulated.

Greg Dykstra3

Above: One of my favourite sets of sculptures. Carl Fredrickson from the film ‘Up’ being shown as a child, a young adult and elderly.

Kent Melton

Kent Melton4

Above: Melton holding a sculpture of Simba he created.

Kent Melton

Above: The Genie from Aladdin created by Kent Melton.

Kent Melton2

Above: One of my many favourite Disney Pixar characters. Violet from The Incredibles.

Kent Melton3

Above: Tarzan from the film Tarzan

As you can see their artwork differs and varies. Melton creates Disney as well as Pixar and when Dykstra creates his artwork he creates a series of sculptures for one set film e.g. Ratatouille. Overall I really like their styles and would love to create work like they do.

Games Design – Video

The Brief

The brief requires me to create a 3 minute film to be filmed by me and edited using the skills I have learnt in my video lessons. The brief is open meaning I have the choice to create a film based on anything, however, if I cannot think of any ideas I have the option to pick out an idea from the hat. The marking criteria states that I will be marked on my attendance to lessons as well as my attitude to learning, also I will be marked on how well I absorbed the skills within lessons and the theme/creativity of my final product. I intend to also fill out all forms of paperwork that prepare me for when I need to create a real video for a client.

Idea 1 – My first thoughts related to the use of advertisements. One of my main interests is Disney so I thought about creating a Disneybound advertisement. Disneybound is a type of casual dress as well as cosplay, using subtle hints with clothing items to represent something or someone Disney. Currently only the main Disney fans use Disneybound, however, I think creating an advertisement towards Disneybound would inform more Disney fans on inspirational outfits as well as making the cost for outfits cheaper and more creative for parents looking to dress their Disney obsessed children; rather than having to buy a really expensive cosplay dress/costume.

I would use a green screen for a Disney background so it would look like I’m advertising in the actual park at Walt Disney World. Using lots of different camera angles to show off all of the types of clothing I would focus on making the product look affordable and fun for all. The problems I would come across would be providing the clothing and finding a model. Camera angles and green screen would be no problem but finding the right clothes to fit people would be quite difficult.

Examples of Disneybound:

Eugene001 Eugene002

Snow White001

Idea 2 – Moving on from the idea of Disneybound I thought I could maybe challenge myself a bit more by advertising Disney itself. Again using the green screen I would want to show people how amazing Disney World is. It would be good to advertise Disney and I was going to do this by bringing my little 8 year old cousin into University so that I could place her near the green screen and have different Disney backgrounds behind her. She would act happy, excited, mainly all the emotions a child would have at a magical place such as Walt Disney World.

The problems that may occur whilst filming this would include not being able to get my little cousin to come into University and act. However it is still a possibility that I can create this video just with an adult instead.disney

Idea 3 – I really like the idea of filming myself painting/drawing from different angles. Including music in the background and speeding up the video or slowing it down you can create a really nice video to evidence your artwork.

Here is where I got my inspiration from:

I think that you have the ability to use many camera angles during this video and a wide variety of music you can choose from which would fit the video.

paint001 paint002 paint003

Idea 4 – Swaying away from the Disney ideas I decided to go to my next interest which is DC Universe. I really like DC comics and I have two friends that would be perfect actors in my video. One of my friends has a Batman costume and one has a Joker costume; using these costumes I would create a fight against the duo as Batman and Joker are always fighting. Problems may occur such as finding a time both friends can film, also if I used green screen I might only have a limited space for a fight scene so I might need to take the film outside as well using all of the popular architecture around Hull.

Batman vs Joker

Idea 5 – One idea that I would really like to try is re-creating videogames using my classmates as the characters. I think that it would be fun to do and I can use different methods of filming as well as camera angles. My only worry with this idea is copyright; providing the videos for the green screen and also music and sound effects may be copyright depending on where I get them from. I really like this idea as I have a wide range of games to choose from. So far I am thinking about using Fallout 4, The Sims, Epic Mickey and more.

Fallout 4 the simsepic mickey2

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