Learning how to texture via photoshop was quite difficult at first but the more and more examples you create, the easier it gets. At first the numbers confused me but then once I started to learn the Power of 2 it got a bit more simple. Here is my step by step guide on how to texture.

Step 1 – Take a photograph of the type of texture you would like. Make sure the image is suitable, that it is clear and that there are no shadows (unless you want shadows).

Step 2 – Open the photograph in Photoshop.

Step 3 – Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool (Second from the top, on the toolbar to the left) and click on ‘style’ at the top. Set that setting to ‘Fixed Size’.

Step 4 – This size should be square and also include the numbers that are seen in the power of 2 chart. I chose 1024 however it depends on what you want to use this texture for.

Step 5 – Copy your selected area (Make sure the selected area is clear and clean).

Step 6 – Open a new Photoshop document, the new page should be set to the same size as your selected area. Then paste your image across.

Step 7 – Using either the healing brush tools or the clone stamp, edit out any imperfections that stand out too much and once you are happy with that click on Filter > Other > Offset.

Step 8 – A box should appear, half your power of two number and enter it into the two boxes, then press enter. You should now see your texture in four different sections.

Step 9 – The last step is too blend the lines so that the images look like one big image. Again use the clone stamp or any of the healing tools.

Bricksgif Grassgif TeddyGif