Game Architecture

Cultures – Roman and Egyptian architecture look quite similar. They would have large structures and both have tombs (secret or not secret). Roman buildings usually had quite beautiful architecture they had arches on their buildings that were rounded at the top whereas Egyptians would use square and triangular shapes rather than rounded. The architecture in those centuries meant a lot to the people and was quite symbolic. However, a main similarity between these two cultures is the fact that both cultures had the passion to create large structures that are very outstanding compared to the present day in which nearly every building is the same.


Film architecture – Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit has its own style of architecture. In these films the people who lived in the cities would not cut down trees however they would build around them instead; this style of architecture looks stunning as the wildlife grows around all of the buildings which adds to the architecture. As well as Lord of the Rings, films such as Alice in Wonderland have a great style of environment as it has a crazy and abstract style from the help of Disney and Tim Burton.


Countries – Spain has flat roofs because there is not much rain at all during the year whereas in England if we had flat roofs our houses would collapse because of the amount of rain that would flood the house. Russian architecture is beautifully shaped and stylized as well as colourful; the type of architecture here is again very symbolic and must have taken a lot of effort to build. Arabic buildings are still colourful but are more bland/pastel colours and hold a lot of detail, also a lot of repetition is used. I love the Japanese and Chinese architecture. They are both quite similar as they both use curves and points to shape their buildings however the Chinese use deeper curves. Also the Statues around the buildings will also be different as they will be based on symbolic and religious themes.





Russian Architecture.jpg








History – Viking, Medieval, Tudor, Vikings. Vikings had a lot of architecture that was in a triangular form. Vikings would use beams of painted wood to show their symbolic cultures. Medieval times had timber structures with a cottage style and a straw rood. They would also have white against black architecture. Tudor architecture was similar but they used white against grey or used different colours instead of white.







We are influenced by many types of media and information. However we don’t always know the truth about what everything looked like in the past because of the way everything has been modified/restored today.

Architecture within Games

Assassin’s Creed

Assassin's Creed 001

Assassin's Creed 002

Assassin's Creed 003

The Architecture in all of the Assassin’s Creed games is beautifully stunning and very accurate to the history period in which the game is set in. The games are usually set in different areas or different time periods and sometimes within one game there can be a cross between two.


Batman 001Batman 002

BATMAN™: ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150626025853
BATMAN™: ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150626025853

The Batman Games series is great to look at for architecture because whilst playing as Batman you get a bug’s eye view of the buildings as well as a bird’s eye view so the architecture is very detailed. Each building is different and certain buildings that relate to the missions are extraordinary such as Wonder Tower or Wayne Enterprises. The city is based in a city but it is not like all the other games based in cities as this game has made the city very gloomy and dull yet it still looks amazing. You can even use the building to your advantage to take down enemies and view the city.


Fallout 001Fallout 002Fallout 003

I really like the art style of the Fallout game series as the towns/cities are supposed to be set in the 1950’s but we only really see the environments with the after effects of a nuclear explosion. In the Beginning of Fallout 4 we have the chance to experience a section of the game for a little while before the explosion which is great as it gives us an opportunity to see what it was like before.




Art deco – Geometric shapes.

Art Nouveau – Plants and Wildlife.