My Info-graphic is based on Iconic Antagonists. Most of it is drawn digitally, my inspiration comes from my favourite 2D Platform games. The brief asks for a ‘visual understanding of the heritage of games’, my theme was Iconic Antagonists and I have looked more into the visual side rather than the research, however, I have included facts and useful information, enough for someone to ‘visually understand’.

Final Timeline-01





I have used appropriate game concepts to match the chosen theme and I applied 2D game design principles throughout this project. I believe that I could have improved the transition between each game, even though I tried to experiment with transitions such as pixelation, the Mario pipe and smoke I still feel it could look better if I worked harder. However, I am really proud of the final product as it took a lot of time and effort, also I used a drawing tablet to draw the characters and environment and I’m glad that each set is recognizable.