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Noah Berry is an environment artist from Bethesda Softworks who was influenced to enter this career choice as they enjoyed fine art and graduated from University with a Ba (hons) in the subject. Berry gives advice towards environment art saying that you start with the basic shapes then work your way into the detail, use basic shapes at first and then add in texture, colour and lighting effects. I am a huge fan of Skyrim and I believe that the graphics for the game are highly realistic and very stunning, from the environmental concept art that I have seen I like the way they have drawn the image from a certain camera angle; from the first image above you can see the camera angle is stunning. The image shows the sun in the centre and the light creates a shadow on the character as well as setting a tranquil setting on the beautiful lake streaming from the mountains which is slightly glistening in the sun. (The use of The Rule of Thirds).

Berry uses a program by Unity called World Machine in which you can create the world you want using all sorts of different terrains and detail. The environment is obviously one of the main important aspects that needs to be created with detail and the correct colours to know where you are and also when you are because the environment can debate the time era as well as where you are whether it be somewhere around the world or even in a completely different dimension.